Environmental INITIATIVES


A pipe similar to the DragonsPipe except that the combination of mixed valence in metals produce an electrical activation with the magnets and the affected minerals in the water, which has become H2O2, are more easily taken up by plant life and the oxygenation result in an accelerated growth that typically produces a 30% increase in yield, and reduction in fungus etc. With similar but inferior designed technology (no longer in business), apple trees have been known to produce 5 sets of blossoms in the first year of growth and require 3 feet to be cut off the top. Additives are as follows:


DragonsTears powder derived from drying seawater in the DragonsHeart System after the addition of this organic substance, an explosion of life in agriculture was observed with  substantial health benefits.


DragonsOil made from shale has growth effects on agriculture with added benefit of removing all fungus and has been shown to handle fungus in Costa Rica where chemicals have failed.


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