Alchem University is a learning and teaching institution. The role of the AU is to augment current university structures, and render a higher education institution providing solutions to world problems. In concert with a deep fund, all Projects that have worth and do no harm will be funded, and global solutions will quickly become the norm, rather than the exception.

Despite the advanced state of academia, Alchem University will be run as a typical university, and DragonsHeart has sourced former deans to establish the infrastructure of the facility.



The time is upon us where the evolution of science and technology is exponentially accelerating, and it is but the reflection of the state of evolution of mankind. Innovation at this level is almost never achieved in subjects where creators have their realities shaped and confined by outdated reductionist university theories. 

Children who escape this education have a better chance but have no opportunity to discover the real science underlying the real mechanics of Nature and the universe. There is a new genre of children who are capable of knowing and tapping into the interconnectedness of the universe requiring only to be shown how to recognize their inspirations and to be given the know-how and tools to manifest them. Some are gifted in crafts/engineering and or understanding quantum sciences, and their potential will go to waste without such facilities to nurture their spirit, mind, body and talents.

There is no public media to interpret the revelations that are there for these children to retrieve from the Universal Mind and it’s junction with intelligence creation-wide. 

Applying relevant science to such a subject requires an understanding of the nature of life, and clues to this understanding can be found in the works of the scientists who pioneered the Tao of Physics. These scientists themselves would have found their clues among others like Hermes, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, James Worrell Keely, Victor Schauberger, Walter Russell and the like who were shunned by academia ages past. 

Skills to interpret many of these revelations into reality barely exist because machining and fabrication are considered blue collar and Universities are only really capable of academic approaches and theory. Computer education is certainly helpful, but without practical knowledge of materials and workmanship, modeling, rapid prototyping and utilizing the new machines, there is a vacuum unfulfilled. Practical knowledge of workmanship with materials only now barely exist in Eastern Europe where young men apprenticed many years to become craftsmen. Manufacturers of new machines are themselves inarticulate when it comes to training because the designers themselves are not trained in machining. 

There is a solution and that is to set up a university (Alchem University) to reveal these discoveries to these children and to have a facility within the university (the HUB Institute) to make absolutely anything their mind can imagine and have the latest tools and computers to do so. Teachers from around the world will come to the Alchem University to lecture on subjects from alchemy to free energy devices to quantum physics/biology. 

The HUB Institute will be a place where Engineers and craftsmen are taught the latest techniques in CAD and machining tools while they teach students their craft. Machining equipment manufacturer’s train students and teachers alike. Modelers from the movie industry will also contribute their skills.

The Institute will have a pavilion with demonstration technologies and an AV center dedicated to the works of pioneer inventors and scientists such as Tesla, Keely, Da Vinci, Schauberger and others. 

The Hub Centre is a facility to provide humanitarian oriented Development and Research principally for health, energy, water and environmentally supportive technologies for enhancing the quality of life in the developing and the developed world. The rate of discovery has been and will continue to be rising exponentially. Only established multinationals have the ability to produce exotic and radical new designs and even so, they can have a one-to-three years lag-time between discovery and trial manifestation. Further there are no trained personnel who are equally proficient with materials, computer design and machinery. A facility to produce new prototypes and commercial adaptations for inventors in a secure way with or without resources in a timely manner is essential if we are to benefit from the mass of discovery which wanes with lack of support and facility. 

The Hub Centre will bring together European. American, Asian, and African engineers who have served their apprenticeship with all working materials, collaboration with University engineering training (and accreditation), Computer design training, movie industry model makers and designers, and professional shop engineers from industry, to create an environment whereby the imaginable can be realized.

All this will be facilitated with the latest Cad–Cam and 3D modeling systems, rapid prototyping equipment (both plastic and metal), tooling machines, five-axis machines etc. The selected suppliers of the equipment will provide training to all the participants. An engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing facility will provide light and heavy development, state-of-the-art foundry and commercial manufacturing utilizing the latest equipment. Income from this enterprise will contribute to the overhead and expansion of the university and in time the replication of it’s theme in other countries. 

The Centre itself is designed to accommodate various disciplines (teaching and working) in various fields such as electronics and controls, computer design, chemical engineering, modeling, machining, testing, monitoring, classrooms, lecture and AV/media presentation, project co-ordination and management, administration, educational and teacher training services etc. The architecture makes a statement: recreating the old to bring in the new.

Co-operation with an accredited university who will teach certain fundamentals in engineering, mathematics, biology, electro-magnetics chemistry and energy would enable the AU to award a new degree for graduates. Some of the teachers would comprise those individuals who have made breakthroughs themselves.

In the process of providing this service, we will be training a new breed of design engineer who can interface with inventors from around the world in a campus environment and create the solutions that can usher in a new way of living for all the earth’s peoples.

Graduates from such a school would be sought after by any R&D center in the world. These graduates contribution to society in terms of solutions for the world’s water, food, energy, transportation, health etc. will be legendary. 

The facility will be a model of the latest state-of-the-art energy efficiency with live water, live healing building materials and Vortex cyclonic sewage systems to clean water and provide energy without pollution. The University will be an ever-evolving showcase of the latest breakthroughs in technology from around the globe. All internal transport will be non combustion.

AU will be totally energy independent and environmentally pristine. The ambience, architecture, surrounding nature, landscaping, gardens, sculptures and various art -work will be designed to be visually beautiful to inspire the participants and visitors. The Centre itself is designed to accommodate various disciplines (teaching and working) in various fields such as electronics and controls, computer design, chemical engineering, modeling, machining, testing, and monitoring project co-ordination organization and management, administration, educational and teacher training services etc. All classrooms, lecture halls will have AV/media presentation facilities, again with the architecture making the statement: recreating the old to bring in the new. 

It is envisioned that to begin with, the AU will accommodate 220 students distributed throughout a three-year course. All students will be boarding as a requirement. It is assumed that the majority will require full scholarships. The result will be the creation of a New Renaissance human being. 

The St Germain Institute withthe Humanus Senate would eventually host translation facilitated conferences on the new sciences for young people all over the world by renowned scientists as a source of exposure of new thought for the students and dissemination of inspiration and information (as well as recruitment).

Honorariums will be available for international participation in the seminars via reference and background.

The St Germain Institute will house teaching facilities, and a pavilion for philosophy and science. The works of many philosopher/scientists will be presented such as Hermes, Pythagoras, Kepler, Da Vinci, Walter Russell, and Paracelsus with emphasis on the nature of the universe together with lectures and works of contemporary philosopher/scientists who are achieving practical breakthroughs utilizing these principles. 

The New Alexandria Library will be a cultural center that will be including a library (both new and antiquarian) and an audio/visual media with a cinema. Also included, will be an art center and a music center that will be available for concerts, leisurely playing, and lessons in sound/musical theory as well as individual coaching. A major fund will contribute to the scanning of rare books (translated where required) in libraries and museums around the world and building a digital library. An example would be the 14 years of channeling of Pythagoras and the true music of the spheres by the Lady Grand Master of the Rosicrucians in Brazil. 

The Humanus Centre will be a founders and speakers hall to commemorate the supporters and participants (lecturers and outstanding achievements by the students) housing a book/AV store containing the works of the lecturers, pioneers of science and alchemy as well as interesting educational technology devices. 

  1. Dormitories would each have a spiritual housemother with various abilities and teaching skills and they in turn would be rotated every quarter. 
  2. Guest lecturers will stay with students so that the bonding that occurs over meals, coffee or where appropriate an occasional Guinness can take place. 
  3. Several two-week summer courses will be given to young people who are thinking about coming to this university or children whose parents just want them exposed to this environment. 
  4. Fitness, health and athletic facilities will be geared toward balanced development. 
  5. Trustees would be selected from well known inspired and accomplished leaders in their spiritual, health and scientific fields and contributors to the trust. 

Financial support after year four, will be contributed to by royalties derived from certain of the more commercial developments and contributions from Humanus who have pledged a third of its income to new research and development and other foundations and another third to community development and humanitarian projects. A certain percentage of the royalties generated by inventions developed will be distributed to various teams who collaborated and contributed either inspiration or workmanship to achieve any given commercial property as both an incentive and as a bonus to give graduating students a start in Life and maintain excellence in staff. All lectures will be taped for future alchemists and future similar universities. 

Financing  of the school year is administered by a designated financial institution such as Global Clear or Metro Finance, which will monitor loans and establish a forgivable status on graduation, thus freeing the graduate from unnecessary burdens.

These Children have come prepared to present humanity and the earth with wonderful gifts, we are here to give them the tools, the nurturing and the freedom to do so. These children will truly usher in the New Renaissance.Examples pointing out the urgency of solutions for the environmental problems of the earth and providing clean water and energy to the peoples of the earth abound. The solutions in many instances already exist and what is necessary is the facility to produce these solutions and the funds to support them as the KeyStone Kids Foundation, the St Germain Foundation, and Humanus will be doing.

The Alchem University together with the aforementioned institutions can reduce the development curve by decades, and provide the fertile ground for future intergalactic interaction and technology transfer initiatives.  

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