Atmospheric Distiller: Produces Pure Water From Air 

Another unique water production is the AquaFer technology. This water-generating process extracts and condenses pure drinking water from the atmosphere in quantities relative to humidity levels for producing pure, potable water at a rate of 30 MILLION gallons per day for very large installations capable of desertification remediation. 

The process, known as “atmospheric distillation” produces water quality that greatly exceeds all known competitors. 

The key is extracting up to 80-85% of the water vapor per cubic foot of air in a proprietary, engineer-designed, heat transfer manifold system. AquaFer has a technological advantage over all known competitors and processes in that it:

  • •Utilizes air as a source for water
  • •On-site water production
  • •Is consistently higher quality
  • •Is economically feasible
  • •Produces water where there is no water!



Desertification is one of the major environmental issues in the world today. At present, two thirds of the countries and districts in the world, one fourth of the global land territory and nearly 100 million of the world's population are threatened by desertification. 

China is one of the countries with serious disasters of desertification in the world. According to the monitoring results of China's State Forestry Administration in 1999, the desert areas are still expanding in China with an average increase of about 10,400 square kilometers per year, and China has 2.67 million square kilometers of desert land, accounting for 27.9 percent of China's total territory. 

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD) was opened for signing in Oct. 1994 in Paris, and the Chinese Delegation has signed the CCD on behalf of the Government of China. On December 30,1996, the Standing Committee of the People's Congress has ratified the CCD and China has become officially the member state of the parties of CCD. 

The new DragonsHeart Project promises great success in collaboration of global science and practical experience and DragonsHeart with its new agricultural products, technologies, and considerable experience in innovative desertification program design, hopes to be a service to this effort. Meanwhile, the government in Beijing is pitching radical national solutions to drought, desertification, and soil erosion. Clearly, the SEATEC and the Atmospheric Distiller capable of producing up to 30 million gallons of water per day from the air could be a key benefit in desertification programs.

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