Base Group  and its Associates rely on several decades of professional experience, and a combination of diverse skill sets to ensure the highest level of professional support to the Clients we serve. 

Mission Statement

The mission of BASE is to provide our Clients with a complete set of professional business tools that produce desirable and optimal results. 

Business Description

BASE is an Investment Banking consulting firm specializing in corporate development, business planning, and corporate vestiture consulting. We assist our Clients in obtaining the appropriate financing required to meet their business objectives. 

Current Position

BASE enjoys a close personal relationship with executives of major International Banks in the top 100, and other top executives in various financial institutions. BASE has access to a network of financial boutiques looking for financing opportunities. BASE operates in North America, Pacific Rim Region, Middle East, and Europe. Its business encompasses diverse portfolios comprising of technology, resource, commodities, manufacturing, tourism, water, and transportation. 

The Process

BASE is typically approached to provide Investment Banking consulting services to our Clients. As business requirements grow in complexity and size, our challenge is to appreciate the funding requirement and assist our Client in structuring their corporate information in a format acceptable to the finance community.

This is partly accomplished by the Business Plan being written according to the MIT standard as ratified by the Harvard Business Forum. 

This structure provides the opportunity for Investor/Funders to make immediate informed decisions on participation without the requirement of creating the necessary vestiture closing documentation. The process to achieve this goal can be simplistically defined as follows: 

The capital that will allow a set of activities to transform the current state (where we are today) into its target state (where we want to be in the future), according to an action plan (how we are going to get there). 

Every successful business has certain features which makes it distinctive and separate from all others. The difference between a business plan and a BASE Business Plan is the ability to identify and focus on the unique and distinctive features of your particular business, why and how it will succeed, and what makes your business stand out in a clear and succinct manner.

The starting point of our engagement is the Business Plan. Through its well defined financial modeling process, BASE can capture, understand, and evaluate the potential for success. This process provides the confidence for all potential Investor/Funders to make quick and informed decisions on their participation. 

No two projects are ever exactly the same. BASE makes use of technology to minimize the data gathering requisite and provides an appreciation for the capital requirement.

Our Clients can then understand the process required to determine the optimal financial solution. The end result is a schedule of funds that will allow the action plan (with all the planned activities and their corresponding responsibilities) to be executed to achieve the target state (the goal). 

The Business Plan is the primary tool that allows all participants to view the project from the same perspective, and form the basis of a contractual agreement to govern our engagement. From there, we determine the scope of BASE’s involvement and return for our participation. 

We provide our Clients tools that dramatically improve their equity position, and generate above average returns in high‑growth opportunities. In some cases, BASE will negotiate with customers, suppliers, financiers, industrial partners and funding agencies to increase the probability of success. 

Additional services areas include: 

Sales and Marketing

  • industry analysis
  • market study and appraisal
  • sales approach assessment and scrutiny
  • marketing analysis and sales strategy
  • negotiate and close first sales 


  • technical investigation and evaluation
  • information and systems management
  • project development and management
  • resource scheduling and allocation
  • contract research and development
  • technology transfer 


  • financial planning and forecasting
  • financial modeling
  • merger, acquisitions and joint venture activities
  • public equity market analysis
  • public company management
  • 3rd party business valuations (under license)

Management Services

  • strategic business planning and modeling
  • risk analysis
  • organizational restructuring
  • assemblage of management team
  • comprehensive business management
  • board level strategic guidance 

      certain services provided by BASE affiliates and Associates 

By considering technical and business issues in the light of the Client's business imperatives, and dealing discretely with the Client's intellectual property, BASE delivers effective technology and business solutions on time and on budget. 

BASE enjoys a reputation for high quality industry standard business services and creates and cultivates profitable business opportunities through the timely application of appropriate technologies and aggressive business planning. 

Discretion and confidentiality are important requirements for successful closure, and BASE adheres to strict ethics and sound business practices. 

Clients and business owners who retain BASE benefit from access to a worldwide network of investors, prospective buyers, financial houses, industry professionals, and other desirable factors that can shape, augment, and determine the Client’s corporate goals. 

BASE develops Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Offering Memorandums, and other related corporate and vestiture documentation that have been well received by various global institutional and private financial networks. BASE has been successful in organizing JV’s, mergers, and strategic alliances amongst its Client base. 

BASE has enabled the successful completion of numerous Projects, and operates privately and discretely on others. Base affiliates and Associates have expertise in various fields, a sampling of which is as follows:

  • comprehensive project development and management
  • business planning
  • financial modeling
  • sales and marketing
  • strategic planning and modeling
  • Business and Marketing Plan development
  • Offering Memorandum and Prospectus development
  • feasibility studies
  • requirements analysis
  • critical path analysis
  • risk analysis
  • preparation and evaluation of reports
  • proposals
  • technology assessment
  • technology transfer
  • research and development
  • prototyping
  • engineering
  • chip design
  • presentation delivery
  • negotiations with

industrial partners
funding agencies 

Base has performed various services for over 200 Clients in its history.  A partial list is as below:

BP   indicates Base Business Plan
*      indicates public company 

  • 3D Integrated Technologies Inc.: BP
  • Abu Dhabi International Bank Inc.
  • ACI Advanced Composites: BP
  • Active Engine: BP
  • Advanced Learning Systems Inc.: BP
  • Autolab (formerly GE Capital Hotline): BP
  • Bargain Castle: BP
  • Campion Marine: BP
  • Castleton Network Systems Corp. (a Newbridge Affiliate): BP*
  • Chilfor Forest Products: BP*
  • BP*
  • Cognoscente Software International Inc.: BP*
  • CORE Networking SA Ltd.
  • (HolosphearTM Digital Theater): BP
  • DCI Inc.
  • DSI Datotech Systems Inc.: BP*
  • DragonHeart Industries Ltd.: BP
  • Electronic Powercell Corporation: BP
  • Enosys Microsystems Inc.: BP
  • EnviroSonics Technologies Inc.: BP
  • Exportnet: BP
  • F.R.E.E. Real Estate
  • FPL Formworx Products Ltd.: BP
  • GoldWaves Technologies Inc.
  • International FibreCrete: BP
  • Internet Television Network: BP*
  • Meier Worldwide Intermedia: *
  • Metroplexx Business Corporation: BP
  • BP
  • Microsphere: BP*
  • Microtech Arcon Corporation: BP
  • Multimedia Accelerator Corporation: BP
  • Orlon Resources Inc.: BP*
  • Private Ventures Capital Corporation
  • Safe Transportation Systems Inc.: BP*
  • SonoTech Waste Management Systems
  • Synaptek Corporation: BP
  • Synergy Corporate Development Inc : BP
  • Trailer 2000 Systems
  • BP

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