Clean Air from Combustion Engines 

There are two Clean air exhaust systems; one an adaption of DragonsHeart’s Air Scrubber. Another (Chinese) breakthrough recently introduced to us demonstrated the capability to remove all emissions from cars. 

The Air Scrubber technique captures the CO2 and converts it to fuel, the other is a new form of catalytic converter that does not use expensive materials or require intricate manufacturing. Both should produce zero emissions as they achieve complete combustion. Literally, there are no longer any contaminated substances that are discharged into the atmosphere. 

Furthermore, it increases engine performance, and reduces engine fuel consumption. 

Easily mass produced, it is planned that an initial 30,000 employees will inhabit the DragonsHeart manufacturing community for whichever technology it obtains. There is room (indeed a need) in the marketplace for a dozen such technologies.


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