Environmental INITIATIVES

Micronizing and Removing Sulfur from Coal

The Vortex Grinder is scientifically based on some of our Co-Founder’s principles in the DragonsHeart System (originally CTD) including having one moving part, and utilizes the principles of implosion and explosion to create pressure differentials to pulverize coal or indeed any ore without grinding at a rate of 50 -80 tons per hour. It is easily mobile and is a fraction of the size of a ball mill grinder. It eliminates the need to use a micronizer, uses much less energy, and the capital and maintenance costs are significantly less as there is only one moving part. This ability to easily and inexpensively powderize coal lends itself to being treated in slurry by an advanced form of enzyme which, when diluted 2000:1, breaks down complex carbons to single carbons and removes sulfur.


Reducing Air Pollution from Coal 

Removing the sulfur from two billion tons of coal per year will go a long way toward China’s aspirations to have a clean environment; not to mention significant savings in processing and mining costs. 

The World Bank estimates that air pollution causes nearly 170,000 deaths in China every year. This may be ameliorated somewhat by a new DragonsHeart contact who developed a Russian-inspired mass air ionizer to eliminate enough air pollution in a trial in a Mexican industrial city, that the health rate improved dramatically. Also, a new scrubber capable of separating and collecting individual gases and in laboratory trials converted CO2 into fuel, is expected to be developed and manufactured by DragonsHeart. This promises clean air from virtually all polluting sources regardless of size of stack at a fraction of the cost of present scrubbers. This should eventually make our above mentioned sulfur removing system redundant. The DragonsFire technology eliminates all pollution as well.

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