Deuterium Heavy Hydrogen Production

In response to a great need for energy production with renewable resources, proponents, scientists, administrators, and funding sources have created the first circumstance to harvest heavy hydrogen for power production. 

This amalgamation of sectors to achieve this goal is well advanced, and all the sectors have agreed and committed and started the infrastructure to begin production. 

Government involvement is recognized and forms a part in this great Humanitarian effort. 

The Heavy Hydrogen business model, as the nucleus of the business plan, is a simple and easily accomplished process with current approvals of global regulatory agencies and institutions. Various global Royal assents to support this initiative have been accepted. 

The Project has commenced quietly without much effort, as many interests have the best interests of this Project in mind and are moving all completed infrastructures into effect at an accelerated pace because of the immediate requirement for green energy sources. 

The actual preparation time of this Project surpasses some decades, and it comes at the right time as the technology now exists to take advantage of a natural renewable resource for the benefit of our Humanity.


Humanus, in concert with Project proponents, and various trusts, foundations, corporations, respective divisions and others, has assembled and brought forward the required elements for further staging of the pilot plant. All regular logistics involved in oil drilling are employed in this effort.

Humanus will be offering tenders for specific Project applications, and will be inviting hydrogen based econometric model applications seeking viable solutions to contact us.

Heavy Hydrogen

Deuterium will be harvested from various trenches in the seas and oceans. Some of these trenches exhibit high deuterium content at great depths. The harvest of such material is a clever combination of drilling techniques and suction equipment. 

The funding of such an enterprise bears similar costs to an expensive deep sea oil well platform, and such funding was accomplished a short while ago once the approvals were put in place. 

The deuterium can supply the entire world with a non-polluting and efficient fuel for all automobiles, airplane engines, cement and steel-high furnaces. These four factors alone represent more than 45% of the world’s polluting agents, and many other devices need this kind of powerful energy. The use of “fossil fuels” is destroying our environment and is a cause of countless illnesses and eventual deaths. 

In keeping with Humanus protocols and tenets of “do no harm”, stoppage of such pollution is inevitable and supported by all our technologies available. Humanity must now direct their attention to facilitate “Mother Earth’s” return to a “Healthy Planet”. We collectively have the responsibility for the health of this blue ball we live on. 

The world’s clean energy enterprises want Hydrogen fuel, but development and production costs were concerns that needed to be addressed by heavy hydrogen processing. This affordable alternative is presumed to negate the 45% figure of polluting agents, and is therefore deemed to be a global Reconstruction Project. 


This cross section exemplifies the logistics required of this operation during the Pre-Deployment, Deployment and Employment phases of work.

  • Travel, communications, security,
  • Research new products, equipment, hydrogen vehicles
  • World distribution implementation and operational plan
  • Processing facilities and pipeline networks
  • Contract ocean survey team, equipment, ships, platforms,
  • Submersibles, deep ocean collection and oleo piping
  • Branding, marketing, advertising


The natural competition of the oil processing operations, will be invited to consider retooling a portion of their plant to accommodate heavy hydrogen. Such alliances are required for the smooth transition from an oil based economy to a hydrogen based economy.

Humanitarian Activity 

The humanitarian aspects of the revenues generated from this cheaper source are first and foremost with all involved in this effort. The majority of revenues will be distributed for necessary Reconstruction Projects in respect of children, seniors, water, food production, medical, shelter, and all the items required for the sustainability of any such effort.

Representation and Responsibility 

Humanus has agreed to represent this Project, and provide for the funding and direction of the Project, and accept responsibility for the development of the Project in conjunction with Landa China Development Investment Corporation.

Many who are the proponents and support of the Project itself are Humanus Senators.

This great humanitarian effort will be expanded on in future updates to this website. 

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