District 6 is a mentoring and recreational retreat for children. Our goal is to leave an imprint on the hearts of our young the moment they come through our gates and one that will last a lifetime. We have educational programs (computer & design, arts & entertainment, music, culinary, and sports), mentoring programs, career guidance, counseling, recreational activities such as golf, horseback riding, cycling, tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc, In addition, there are several camp activities such as, bonfires, storytelling, sing-a-longs and camping. Through these programs, each child is uplifted while experiencing many activities that inspire hope of a greater tomorrow.

We have many industry professionals that assist us in demonstrating their crafts and offering their testimonies, giving the kids hope and practical examples of the overall training the retreat provides. 

District 6 Hope Haven is a place of hope, peace, love and encouragement. As the children experience District 6, they come to know and understand how very special they are, and that each of them have a purpose, and through hard work, passion, talent and abilities, possess a unique purpose. They are our future life changers. 

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