Mero International

MERO INTERNATIONAL is a drug-free non-smoking environmental Organization. Their philanthropy encompasses the developmental mission, goals and techniques of implementation thereby providing
developing structures and systems of their actives in the domain of sustainable human development economic programs.

MERO provides contributions to the relief and support of medicine, medical assistance, research, emergency, relief assistance for the victims of wars, armed conflicts, natural disasters, food and housing programs. Other focus areas comprise of economic and social development through healthcare, human rights issues, abject extreme poverty, educational programs and projects targeting children, particularly in the under-privileged groups.

MERO INTERNATIONAL provides its work without the aim of profit. Impartial, neutral and working independently, the mission is exclusively humanitarian.

The principal purposes of these programs are to assist without discrimination, contribute to maintain and promote Peace in the world, take an active part to ‘Help Make The World a Better Place’ in the development and resolution of civil, cultural, social, moral, divine, healthcare and extreme poverty issues.

Throughout the world, in countries rich and poor, there are people that have little or no access to basic physical and mental healthcare, or to immunizations from infectious disease. Some people have no access because they lack the resources to buy, and the State does not provide. Others may be able to afford healthcare but because there are no services available in their communities, they must do without it.

MERO INTERNATIONAL provides these services, and together with Humanus, will establish global healthcare and hospital facilities in impoverished regions, as well as in more centralized cities and towns.

MERO INTERNATIONAL is a member of the philanthropic, social, educational, cultural and scientific family whose objectives are to promote healthcare, protect human rights and the world environment and extreme poverty. We promote friendly relations among nations by facilitating international Peace and security, irrespective of a country’s political, constitutional and social differences.

We are Medical Doctors, Environmentalists, Healthcare Professionals, Lawyers and Engineers without borders providing our services worldwide.  MERO INTERNATIONAL works with Governments, Institutions and Private Enterprises that facilitate healthy environments, healthcare and better living for our Humanity.

Doctors Across Borders

The aspirations of our work are for those anywhere in the world to correspond to the desires of the people living without proper medical care and under extreme poverty, and to the scientists, medical doctors and professionals of healthcare in general, professors of schools, and the common man to create a social awareness that shows the orderly format and the complete contents' discipline, to the doctors and all the other professionals of healthcare. This content is adapted to make public health and living conditions better alleviating the work that relates to systematization and teaching.

We as DOCTORS ACROSS BORDERS are not trying to make our work replace the importance of public health processes and education which are amply sustained with immersed professionals. We provide our work as an obligation to deepen their knowledge and to direct their education towards their betterment, freedom of expression and choice.

DOCTORS ACROSS BORDERS work has been very useful not only for patients and victims, bur also to Healthcare Professionals, Public Prosecutors, Defenders of Human Rights, Lawyers and the common people which can be use as a guide to help solve problems of healthcare and extreme poverty which they face in their exercises and in their daily life.

It constitutes to us a high honor, rejoicing and acknowledgement to all the persons who gave us an
improvement in our career and learning light. We thank you for your continuous support.

Children HIV/AIDS Hospitals

The objectives are to provide hospitals, pharmaceutical, nutrition, health supplement and medical treatments, healthcare, medicine, medical assistance, emergency, research, social development, assist in providing basic necessities in under-developed and developing countries.

In order to carry out these activities, we worked in small villages, rural and urban areas, cities and towns. We later coordinated operatives on preventative medicine, medication, dentistry, social development and welfare programs, and directed the attendance of victims of Asthma, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Rheumatism and other infectious diseases.


Amb. Sen. Dr. Mervyn Maastricht Carl McYearwood is a Humanus Senator, a Member of the DragonsHeart Senates, and an Ambassador for MERO INTERNATIONAL.

"The outpouring of support from throughout the world has strengthened our resolve to “to meet world poverty with patient justice.” We are confident that we can continue the works together in support of the
international effort to make the world as better place, with peace, prosperity, better living conditions, better health and togetherness."

"We acutely adhere and assume our activities as an obligation and responsibility to the critical juncture in the history of humanity. We all look forward to the day when we can say that the world is truly at peace, that Governments have an understanding, and that people of all creed and race have an equal place, so that all sovereign territory wealth and services are being provided to all citizens with equality."

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