DragonsHeart Air 

DragonsHeart Air represents a new wave of transport. So new in fact, that DragonsHeart decided to delay pursuing rights to its development. Now, recent events have convinced DragonsHeart to invest heavily in it if we can get approvals from all agencies. It initially attracted our attention after we read about plans to rebuild the Silk Road. The benefit to us would be to have the facility to deliver our infrastructure (power and water from waste) to inaccessible regions. We would however, specify different materials and drive systems to the design. It offers lightweight aircraft capable of major loads for cargo transport. Aerodyne (our proposed version of the present development) helps ease transfer of goods and handling to islands and remote areas where there is little infrastructure. 


This is especially valuable when a country is faced with the need to expand its commerce to other nearby regions of the globe to build up commercial trade to justify the expense of a road, or either the road development is years or decades away or cost of roads, security and maintenance prohibitive. The US dollar cost of this project is a hundred million per ship and at this cost; it is 5% of the cost to build roads and maintenance. 

There are however now more important considerations as we witness China perform historic, epic miracles in record time to care for its people in the midst of a horrific earthquake with many of the sites inaccessible to transport. It brings home the predictions of the earth changes and severe storms that will be occurring from the global warming and the speeding up of the rotation of the earth. The rising of the seas that will create a wave of global city building is yet another factor. 

Natural disasters seldom accommodate rescue efforts with infrastructure, and a ship that can take off and land anywhere with portable power, water purification and food is critical. Other factors to consider are that these massive container systems can be refrigerated to deliver food or safely store and remove bodies from the area. Special purpose personnel carriers can be designed for rescue workers or survivors requiring medical attention, or displaced and requiring assistance, away from potential plague areas. Additionally, ATMD to provide portable units to provide clean water and convert sterilized sewage to energy can be containerized. 

Coastal areas inundated by rising seas requiring new cities (usually in extremely rural areas), will benefit by having the ability to get men, electricity, machinery and materials to site in a fraction of the cost and time without waiting for roads and infrastructure.



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