DragonsHeart/Humanus presents many of our new and advanced proprietary and associate Technologies that set a new standard for waste treatment solutions of all kinds, power generation, propagation and storage, food production systems, medical initiatives, new construction materials, advanced electronics technologies, and offer technology solutions for other sectors.

Our associates’ patented and approved or field-tested advanced technologies can shave off a decade of haphazard minimal efforts regaining our natural environments worldwide, and deploy new technologies across the sectors.

It will be necessary to use these technologies to provide the correct tools to accomplish the job of saving our planet and millions of lives by providing adequate and on-going base-line solutions that will establish the opportunity to bring a true beginning for the Reconstruction Projects for our children’s children's future. 

DragonsHeart’s thirty year old global journey to source ideas and the necessary service network of scientists, engineers, inventors, engineers, businessmen, bankers, experts in development and other professionals from around the world with heartfelt concern for humanity’s future, has had a goal to find or create solutions for just what is happening to the global climate now.

In the following pages, you will discover a sample of the extraordinary solutions they have sourced that are capable of rendering the present state-of-the-art treatment for climate change and pollution in general, obsolete. Such astounding solutions however, aren’t enough. There needs to be realistic means of distributing these and other technology solutions globally on a timely and efficient manner, and there has to be sufficient funding on a scale that we can actually reverse the manmade portion of the destructive cycle we are in.

DragonsHeart is an idea. It does not belong to anyone, but everyone.

Globally, the world is a symbiotic system, whereby the oceans and the trees work together in harmony to produce the necessary oxygen to sustain life on the planet. As more and more trees are disappearing at an alarming rate, the oceans are required to compensate. However, their capacity to fulfill this task is increasingly diminished due to the ever-increasing pollution as evidenced by the prolific red tides and dead zones appearing on our coastlines, and disappearance of fish in the waterways. 

Until all sources of pollution can be treated before entering the air, and waterways and subsequently the oceans, a technology is necessary to remedy the already advanced putrefaction of the waterways, and the creation of sustainable developments in the form of Future Cities. These Cities embody all the new technology innovations possible today to create a truly meaningful and green development devoid of any polluting factors.

DragonsHeart has created systems, both service and manufacture, for removing the source of pollution in a cost efficient manner without producing CO2, and developing a Vision of the future, and to deploy cutting edge technologies in all sectors.

Truly, some realize that if we are not acting globally with real solutions soon, their wealth will become both valueless and unable to address the problems. Indeed, the potential global ecological demand for our core technologies and their extraordinary efficiency and profitability without environmental downsides, and collectively capable of reversing global warming caused by humankind, has made it possible for us to qualify for intense scrutiny.

The ever-evolving dream of creating a service organization to be a resource and total support system for others to help build a “DragonsHeart” (rather than fix the old system) has been shared and supported by the DragonsHeart global network, and has now arrived. A question had to be asked:

“do we become ‘grass-roots’ and go home feeling good about our day job, or do we create something that will not just make a difference, but be capable of giving governments, service NGO’s, and over 60,000 initiatives, the tools to do the job?”

This brief assumes the latter and that there isn’t any time left for grass roots organizations alone to accomplish the task in time with the tools and resources they have. This means that we must have the ability to get the new ideas developed, manufactured, shipped, commissioned and serviced (complete with training) for both industry and the new communities and cities that will require them.

Further, we should design and build the best model showcase city we are capable of, and also provide a training and staging area that would provide technologies and technology transfer to organizations such as the UN, who are capable of making a difference. This would act as an efficient mechanism for humanitarian funds to get UN participation in providing accountability and specific solutions for industries, cities and communities that are ecologically sustainable under all conditions.


DragonsHeart first started its life as KeyStone Kids Foundation in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Over time, it underwent additions and evolution to its overall structure, and for a time, was submerged by the DragonsHeart concept of technology first. However, it is clear that the values and initiatives that made KeyStone unique in strategic solutions to pervasive world problems, had to be the basis and foundation of DragonsHeart initiatives. DragonsHeart is therefore driven by the first priority of helping our children, and our seniors. 

Many discussions were held in the resolution of orphaned children and seniors with little to do with their time. The initiative emerged that would couple the two in housing centers that would have residences for the children, and likewise for seniors with full health care for both.

These centers would have schools, recreation, hospitals, and other priority models to care for all. Seniors would lend their time and hearts to the love-starved children abandoned by their families, or orphaned for any reason. The symbiotic relationship would heal the emotionally deprived children, and give new meaning to the lives of the seniors.  See KeyStone Kids Foundation 

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