DragonsPipe actual shape


DragonsPipe Array on a barge or tanker. Inflow from the intake array at the bow, and outflow along discharge pipes on the sides.




The unique design of cyclones is produced in a remarkable pipe, aptly described as “twisting Dragons” known as the DragonsPipe. This unique pipe (which is the very heart of the DragonsHeart ATMD) produces an unparalleled level of energy at more than twice the speed of sound with a residence time of two seconds, which has the effect of “drying” the liquid without the associated side effects of odors, emissions, and heat. The DragonsPipe is made of aluminum or other electro chemical combination of metals and alloys, and has numerous subsidiary applications as the flow patterns create ionization that purifies and energizes water while in friction-free transit.


Using the DragonsPipe as its main functioning unit, the DragonsClaw can be positioned permanently or on ships to remove outfall toxics and algae blooms safely with ionization. DragonsHeart’s DragonsClaw water purification solutions will empower governments and municipalities with real means of dealing with waterway issues for communities, industries near waterways, agricultural farms, and provide a measure of control of outfall.

The primary purpose of the DragonsClaw is to remediate water in vast volumes. One DragonsPipe, properly configured, can treat 10,000 liters per minute or more.

A ship with an array of 50 or more DragonsPipes trolling the sea coast can remediate water on the fly, particularly in algae bloom waters.

Stationary installations of about 12 DragonsPipes on concrete pedestals in lakes, rivers, and costal areas can work 24/7 doing the same.

In time, all waters can be efficiently cleaned.

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