This project draws up to construct E-beam Systems in several cities in China, each system involved two electron linear accelerator (each with 10MeV energy, 1.5 mA and 1.5kV voltage). The project could help people to keep food longer as well as make food safer with E-beam System. 

In the early part of 2006, Ronnie C. L. Liu decided to give up the IT business in Red Ocean strategies, and turned to the Food Safety Sterilization business in Blue Ocean strategies, to solve the Food Safety problems in the future food market with L3 irradiation facilities. At the beginning of 2007, Triple Sky has received all the government approvals for the Construction of “China Food Safety E-beam Sterilization Center”. Now Triple Sky is poised to implement the systems China wide for the benefit of farmers and national population, with FDA approvals in place for North American market exports. 

Triple Sky is fully prepared to implement the bio-enzyme technology and the eBeam technology for the benefit of heightened food production, and preservation of produce until market deliver and beyond. 

The current eBeam technology will be replaced with Rife device interferometers at first opportunity. Rife devices do the same job as eBeam without any other effects that are still plaguing the eBeam irradiationsystem, advanced as it is.

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