Blue laser with heterodyned frequency sets show remarkable promise in the treatment of many ailments similar in scope of the Rife device.

In conjunction with maser based projectors and lenses, these technologies will provide for healing frequencies with dramatic results. Body Field Diagnostics (BFD) may replace the MRI at some point, and will be used to manufacture a diagnostic/healing table utilizing both technologies in a symbiotic relationship. 

Body Field Diagnostics 

The mapping of the human body field has been accomplished. Combined with the Rife device and blue laser technology, DragonsHeart believes this will be a great leap forward in immediate and lasting treatment of almost all ailments affecting the human body. 

Meridian Diagnostics and Treatments 

Very new at this time, the study of human meridian diagnostics has begun. Coupled with the human body field diagnostics, we foresee great improvement in the diagnosis and pinpoint treatment options for all. 

Royal Raymond Rife 

Royal Rife devices are available now from many manufacturers, but widespread use has not become prevalent because of obstacles from the regulatory medical community. 

The Rife devices will become part of the treatment option in all DragonsHeart medical initiatives. 

Programmed Water 

Programmed Water may eventually be the key to treatment options. This is to be implemented in the future research and development departments of DragonsHeart initiatives.


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