Our world is destined to go through geologic changes. The timing thereof is a matter of discussion, but consensus is that it is inevitable. To take advantage of the “silver lining” in every crisis, infrastructure must of needs be built that will ameliorate these changes, and provide a solid and stable platform on which Future Cities will be built in force after the changes subside and normalize.

To this end, Humanus and DragonsHeart will build a test City of the Future in Canada and in China to provide a template for the future, and to showcase all our designs, technologies and materials as well as other technologies and materials we find that are true solutions.


This City will be an ever-evolving shopping center for every new city of the future of every size. DragonsHeart Future City will be a model for the hope of our civilization in virtually every way imaginable. This is not a utopia but a grounded and enormously profitable asset for both industry and the community of worldwide impact.

A residential community will house the temporary building staff/labor and families, and then the city services employees and families. By establishing a consortium of engineering and construction companies, architects and city planners, we can make the technologies and materials we have (some of which is listed herein) to as many as twelve city projects in different countries at the same time. With rising seas and earth changes accompanying global warming, city building will be the industry of the future and this effort will provide an invaluable template.

The goal is to build an exquisite Residential and Manufacturing City that is in fact a prototype for the future to demonstrate the best recycled materials, energy, transportation, communication and environmental technologies found throughout our global network and the orient in a world class manner that surpasses the Kyoto Agreement, and sets the possibility and inspiration for a new standard for the global community.

Thousands of years of cultural wisdom and knowledge leading up to the original discovery of the sciences which transformed the western world merging with the combined global explosion of technological advancement in both the East and West presents a unique once-in-a-civilization opportunity to provide once again, the next evolution of cultural and scientific advancement to the world in the form of the first City of The Future. 

This City will be remarkablein form and aesthetics casually, naturally and carefully blending East with West not as they are now, but as they might be a century from now. Special attention will be given to Feng Shui principles in the overall layout, and within the structures themselves. Breathtaking art and sculpture inside and outside including fountains and landscaping, will provide inspiration and awe at every turn a thousand years from now. Green space will meander and interconnect art-strewn walking and cycling paths throughout the City, with special gardens for Tai Chi and other meditative and specialized arts. 

It is clear that the City, though in harmony with any culture, will be a blend of cultures no longer strictly following traditional East or West forms of architecture, design, living or corporate models, but embrace a bold new expression made possible by utilizing our technologies and materials together with a blend of futuristic architecture reflecting the East and West, and inspiring the future generations to strive for all that is possible even for that which is not yet revealed, and more. 

China represents the ideal for such a city by virtue of their enterprise, fabulous wealth in university graduates, stunning and bold new architecture, world-class manufacturing expertise, first-class transport and communication facilities, and a market for state-of-the-art pollution free solutions; all to be made in China and in North America to begin. China and North America’s singular ability to fast track quality massive construction projects places them in the best position to fulfill the global demand that will follow the inundation of coastal areas.

Future Cities Technology Philosophy And Direction 

DragonsHeart Future Cities will further incorporate special “sacred geometry” centers designed to harness ambient energies in a healing environment. 

Royal Rife and other frequency based medical technologies will be utilized in this environment, inclusive of sight/sound treatments that have shown remarkable healing properties, such as the whale frequency heterodyned onto a blue laser carrier. 

These types of frequency and light based technologies are just beginning to be explored, and DragonsHeart has sourced many enlightened beings in scientists, inventors, engineers, and light workers throughout the world that have stated their intent to “plug-in” their various frequency technologies into the DragonsHeart concept for the benefit of our Humanity. 

DragonsHeart honors these beings with full profits from their inventions and technologies by asking for a share of their returns to re-inject into the DragonsHeart concept for sustained progress only, and not for any personal gain. This philosophy has gained a unique status in environment for the best of breed to assemble without fear of degradation or theft of their initiatives. 

Further, DragonsHeart’s pay-it-forward philosophy is key to the attraction of further similar technology breakthroughs into the matrix being built.


Clearly a relationship with an internationally acclaimed engineering company with extensive experience of excellence in China would make an ideal choice for project manager of DragonsHeart Future Cities. Victoria Engineering Limited of Canada has been engaged to source and supervise such international firms. Chinese and Foreign Experts within China with minimum MBA degrees in English speaking countries will be selected to perform initial research into these markets, and supply and demand requirements in China and abroad. Research will also concentrate on all aspects of manufacturing facilities in China, Russia, North America, Africa and Europe for planning purposes. 

Team building will commence at once to create a cohesive working relation between the MBA team and senior management. Professionals from various disciplines will be brought in to design a series of work shops and training programs to achieve this. Attention will be made toward designing universal control, quality, management and accountability systems to integrate a uniform profile for every aspect of DragonsHeart. 

Management teams will also participate in Conferences held by DragonsHeart to assess and fund technologies, materials, and building design criteria, and to participate in an expanded team for the future. After that time, manufacturing decisions will be implemented.

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