Materials & Energy 

Whether the future city has a residential business orientation, a manufacturing one, or both, the interior design of the buildings will be modular and have moveable sound proof walls with raised office flooring for electronic device wiring.

This will facilitate expansion as evolution of technology and markets require new space or specific needs. 

The majority of all building materials including basalt ceramic building blocks, floors and road material will be recycled from waste yet impervious to any element known while being paramagnetic (gives energy [cement is diamagnetic]) and their production, unlike cement, produces no CO2, will be carbon credit worthy in every instance. 

The latest latent heat pump air heating and cooling with micro-filtration will be utilized. All municipal solid waste produces electricity and extracts high octane syngas. 

In the manufacturing community, the steel plant itself is a breakthrough and is pollution free and generates 80Mw of electricity and, similar to all our systems, it is carbon credit-worthy. This is a significant factor for the City. 

The buildings and fascia materials, including steel, will be coated with a waste vegetable oil product containing Nanotech Titanium resulting in a surface permanently impervious to pollution, acid rain, or bacteria or mold build-up. This is due to the oxidation generated by photon reflection of the titanium, and will aid in surfaces looking new indefinitely. 

Another nanotechnology to be used is our paint which has the ability to generate light after exposure to the sun and will be used in walkways and road markings for safety. It has the added benefit of generating light for 24 hours after being in contact with pure green light and this, with the titanium coating, would help keep, for example, hospital surgery rooms sterile. 

Street and curb lights will be new state-of-of-the-art LED solar storage, and where possible, the lights will be affixed to buildings to remove poles and wiring from walking areas. 

New advances in highly efficient and durable solar panels that can actually be “painted” on glass and exterior walls offer us unprecedented electricity generation on heretofore impossible designs and materials. Other solar breakthroughs allow us to produce tiles ceramics and attractive roofing materials for designing magnificent buildings that are self sufficient without compromising design or aesthetics. 


This DragonsHeart Future City will be totally energy sufficient. All energy will be generated by a combination of solar, wind, waste gasification, and CHP from industry, as well as the Rekom Trust initiative of Renewable Energy Conversion Centers, that will incorporate many of the DragonsHeart suite of available technologies. 

There will be no waste or slurry that is not totally recovered and utilized. Water will be above standard in purity and quality. It will be mineralized, chlorine / fluorine free, and micro-clustered with a balanced pH. It will be enlivened with naturally induced ionization and the processing will be unique and affordable. 

DragonsHeart’s intention is to attract and incorporate into the City of the Future innovation in materials, energy, and environmental enhancement from all over China as well as our networks which include solutions sitting in laboratories all over the world from lack of support on one level or another. 

These will form an integral part of our planning on a modular ” plug and play” basis where possible so that the best solutions available can be part of the infrastructure itself. We will also spare no expense to incorporate or retrofit advancements in science and technologies as we progress assimilating a continual stream of innovation. 


The interior of every building will be Feng Shui compatible and ergonomically designed to inspire every employee whether in an office, lab, or manufacturing environment. The work place will become like a happy home. 

Sociologically, this City of the Future will be so family oriented on so many levels that few will ever want to live anywhere else. Every facility imaginable will be in place to enhance every employee and family member. Indeed, catering facilities for meetings or last minute entertaining at home will be available. 

A full complement of indoor and outdoor sports will be available together with gymnasiums, swimming pools and world-class spas, for every occasion whether for individuals or groups such as neighborhoods, office and company intramural activities. 

Facilities will be provided for crèches (infant/toddler care), nurseries, play schools, for active mothers. 

A Danish experiment that was extremely successful was to build a community house and sports field in the centre of each neighborhood/block of housing. This acted as a facility for private or communal parties and get-togethers, casual sports (which often became an intramural neighborhood activity), music, dance, Tai Chi, ping pong, mahjong, chess etc., and giving the young healthy social activities to engage in during their free or family time; all adding to the expansion of well being, integration of cultures, and enjoying living in a City of the Future. 

Additionally, in the DragonsHeart planning, there will be a KeyStone Open University (KOU) for the families and employees to a variety of subjects like, home economics (cooking), business studies, office and computer skills, arts and crafts and other courses selected to meet the particular needs of the community. 

All courses are to be free to families of employees and paid by a nominal city tax and hotel, transportation and surplus energy and water profits. An out-reach KOU to the greater community to teach occupational, and mechanical skills will be considered if not already available. 

Other international schools for children will be established as needed. 


The hotel will manage a beautifully designed and equipped conference center on the grounds as a permanent showcase demonstrating the City’s participant’s technologies, products and services while acting as a shopping center and a tourist attraction. 

This will promote sales, free up space by participants for demonstration facilities; maintain a secure invitation-only section for sensitive developments and reduce the amount of casual inquires made to individual companies. 

There will be a shopping, restaurant and entertainment area with room for expansion and it is envisioned that it be a home for a sample of international cuisines, dinner and entertainment of various cultural experiences (all community/family-friendly decorum) cinema and local theater. 


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