HALOLASER: Pain Management & Wellness Centers 

HaloLaser Biotherapy, LLC (HaloLaser), is seeking to open and operate Seventy-Five Pain Management & Wellness Centers in the top 30 major cities of the US featuring the proprietary FDA approved low light level NeuroLase™ medical laser device and related wellness products and physical therapy services that:

  1. reduces and/or eliminates pain without drugs or surgery,
  2. encourages patients to improve their health through nutrition, and
  3. affords a patient the opportunity to tone up their body for optimum health.

HaloLaser is at the forefront in the USA in a worldwide trend in the healthcare industry in the use of photobiostimulation (laser therapy) as a non-surgical, non-invasive, alternative means to reduce and/or eliminate physical muscle and joint pain and traumatic suffering from pain relating to other diseases. 

The NeuroLase medical device under U.S. Letters of Patent has proprietary technology covering an array of wavelength spectrum (frequency) for the low light level laser (LLLL) and the high power of the laser over its competition. Low light level non-invasive light therapy provides a means of treatment of pain for various human physical ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, backache, sprained ankle, shoulder and neck stiffness, whiplash, tennis elbow, a pulled muscle, TMJ, and 40 other ailments. 

Over 8 years in research and development have already been spent on the development and design of NeuroLase Medical Laser system. On November 20, 2003, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved the NeuroLase “to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness”. Further the NeuroLase has been approved by the FDA for “minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis or muscle spasm.” The device “may temporarily increase blood circulation and may be used to promote relaxation of muscle tissue.” 

The FDA approval of the NeuroLase is the only known published approval by the FDA of any Low Light Level Laser in the USA for use on the entire body with the 15 watt NeuroLase output power. Competitor lasers with significantly lower output wattage have been FDA approved for limited single use on one or two small areas of the body. 


The Neurolase combines the optimum wavelength (bandwidth) and amount of energy (power/wattage) to penetrate the body for photobiostimulation purposes without being dissipated in a persons water, blood, tissues or cells or by causing injuries or destructive effects to the body's cells (it will not burn or cut the patient's body). Unlike other lasers employed in medicine, the Neurolase will not damage the tissues treated, but instead stimulate the body's tissues to repair themselves naturally. 

The energy produced from light energy selectively stimulates nerve endings, enabling the body to release natural endorphins to control pain. 


The Company with its proprietary Neurolase technology plans on opening a minimum of Seventy-Five Pain Management & Wellness Centers in the top 30 markets in the USA covering over 65% of the US population. The aging of Americans has placed a demand upon physicians and other medical practitioners to be able to provide a quick, safe means of treating over 50 types of pain in patients without unnecessary surgery or drugs. The Halolaser NeuroLase Pain Management & Wellness Centers will combine blood testing, nutrition education and exercise instruction to help each patient regain their strength, and well-being in addition to providing immediate aid to those in pain. 


The use of lasers to correct poor eyesight has demonstrated that people are willing to privately pay for better health, so long as the treatment is quick, safe and effective. Now through the Neurolase a large population of over 150 million Americans who are in pain daily according to the CDC can be treated effectively through the Pain Management & Wellness Centers. Baby boomers are affluent enough to pay for any successful means of treating their weekend inflicted tennis or golf elbow, lower back pain, or other sprains so that they can quickly feel relief and be back to work the same day. 

HaloLaser believes that a significant opportunity exists with the Neurolase Pain Management & Wellness Centers to effectively address the market need with a quality means of treatments. 

Primary targets:       Baby Boomers and Yuppies, age 30 to 75 

Secondary targets: Sports Athletes age 12 and up 

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