The HUMANUS TECHNOLOGY SENATE  OR  “HTS”  is a commercial endeavor supported by a collective of business and technical professionals who represent Intellectual properties and technology, products and inventions, banking and finance, projects and undertakings which all can come together to make an immediate  impact on a global scale for positive change. 

The Senate itself is comprised of Senators, who have been nominated to serve in the general body of the Senate, who collectively, will one day steer the technological and product development discourse globally, in the furtherance and stabilization of mankind on Planet Earth.  An evolutionary process where money or price and product quality or superiority are no longer tied together any longer. Only the best of what’s needed or used shall survive or get utilized.

While the functions of the Senate are many, the primary functions include:

  • Facilitating and empowering the release of new, potentially revolutionary technologies, as mankind’s interests and survival overall will sit atop of any greedy corporate or government interests anywhere.  The purpose is in the aiding of the world’s peoples over the interests of a few.
  • Resource allocation of any and all types provided to all new, incoming technology developers, so that any and all best ideas can come to flourish for mankind’s benefit, and not just to serve the interests of those who are rich or powerful.
  • Advocacy and legal changes to International Patent laws so as to see the world’s playing fields as more level ground than an opportunity for the rich, to prey upon the new or weak, in taking, subjugating, diverting, destroying or even burying the newest of technology, because it may come to obsolete the reigning monopolies which exist or have existed.
  • Arbitration Services which are and would be unique to Intellectual Property Law, Patent matters or conflicts, patent infringement protection, where large corporate interests are preying upon small, less sophisticated, less legally prepared parties simply to take advantage of them.
  • International Standards Council where all manner industrial standards are reviewed and set and adhered to for the betterment of all industry, so as to positively affect all peoples everywhere.
  • Global Remediation Projects where the largest and most pressing problems facing mankind may have today. The gravity of our global situation leads us to accept that we must now fully deal with the consequences of our actions as a species on the plant. Otherwise the damage done may become either irreversible or where the potential negative consequences will be dealt or felt with for decades to come. (The Fukushima debris field qualifies as just such a project needing our immediate attention.) 

The Humanus Technology Senate had begun and initiated the FDC or Fukushima Debris-Field Cleanup as its first external project. It has begun to examine ways in which the mess in the Pacific, both in terms or the mass of debris, along with the irradiated water and sea life, to begin a five year, $150 billion program in looking to solve many of the problems which Fukushima has created upon that vast habitat known as the Pacific Ocean.

The HTS is made up of Senate Members who will come from around parts of the world, to represent their company, their technology or Intellectual Properties or inventions, their expertise or knowhow, their new projects, and who may wish to secure the necessary or needed resources which they require to help in the development or commercialization they look to achieve with their own technologies.


Our Fukushima Debris-Field Cleanup or FDC aspires to repair the damage done to our ecosystem and create economic opportunities for the international community via technology, biomimicry and community cooperation.

Top Ten Destructive Impacts on Our world from Fukushima:

  1. Destroy the condition of the oceans, kill the planet: the radiation levels are killing aquatic life in some oceanic regions, mutating life in others. 90% of the planet's life forms live in the oceans.  Amongst those, are algae.  Oxygen creating algae.  And when the micro biology of the oceans are ruined, or becoming ruined the way they are, its chokes off oxygen creation in mass volumes.  The lungs of the planet may now be on a respirator and we don’t even know it. 
  2. No More Fish: The impact on aquatic life directly affects many coastal communities that rely on an abundance of fish.  As for many communities, this is their food/economic life line.  The ever diminishing food stocks, along with eating DNA affecting foods, poses the most serious planetary wide potential for mass destruction we know of, as the conditions continue to worsen. 
  3. Compromising the long term health and genetics: stability of the Earth's surface life which could change the very definition of life as we know it.  With water everywhere, Solaris/The sun produces heat which vaporizes these waters. The winds carry them through the atmosphere around the globe. They condense and rain down on us directly, which is how the lighter weight radioactive particles such as Cesium and Iodine spread globally. And rapidly. The heat from the sun causes particles to be dispersed all over the globe via gradient diffusion. 
  4. Home no more: Locations with high saturations of radioactive materials cannot be inhabited without specific advanced technologies for long periods of time without severe risk to all life present.  The west coast of North America, for example, or regions of it, could become inhabitable, which both adds to our economic woes, and creates logistical headaches en masse. 
  5. Bye Bye Bees: Many life forms that depend on a harmonious symbiotic relationship with plant life are dying off, and bees are a prime example.  Unless mankind figures out a way to safely pollinate the planet's diverse collection of plant life's themselves (which in comparison is a definite digression), it will be easier to simply restore and preserve their natural habitat through our decontamination efforts. 
  6. Massive economic destruction, downturn: Collapse of Japan's economy and cultural history; ending of Japan's non-violent stance on military, the loss of various trade agreements around the world, hundreds of billions in lost fish production and environmental damage throughout the Pacific.  Effects which we have only just begun to see and may not even totally as yet understand the severity with which we are dealing. 
  7. Psychological retardation: “It's not that bad.”  “Everything will be ok.”  Fear and denial spread by large corporate interests or those responsible or who want no responsibility interestingly, are suppressing the healing technologies available to remedy this human caused disaster; all in the name of population reduction.   The retardation suppresses the urgency and emergency which the situation really is.  
  8. Emotional retardation: The sadness/frustration/depression/anger of the human race about our inability to steward our planet for future generations of all life, grows.  We have as a species only ourselves to blame, but the masses are beginning to question the sanity and effectiveness of ‘top down’ governance or government.  One faint light at the end of a very long tunnel, going forward.  
  9. Destruction levels beyond what was planned or expected – the destructive affects unleashed may be irreversible in some respects.  The issue is the process which was started may indeed continue for some time, thereby increasing the chances of far greater amounts of mass casualties than was first thought.  (PLEASE SEE/GOOGLE:  GEORGIA GUILD STONES – calling for a 93% reduction in humans alive on Earth). Unabated or unaddressed, the associated problems will not go away easily. 
  10. Emboldens others to follow suit, for looking to create other, global environmental disasters in furthering their group’s philosophical, religious, political or economic agenda; as they want to believe they can get away with “planet destroying” programs as well.


As the FDC progresses a larger number of commercial opportunities will arise for those choosing to become involved.  Some of those opportunities relate directly to being a potential supplier and contractor for the FDC.  Some examples of those being:

  • Air operations, Air transport
  • Aquaculture
  • Chemical labs, portable analysis equipment
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Food Supplies, provisioning
  • Hazardous waste processing
  • HAZMAT Suits, equipment, support equipment
  • Management, oversight
  • Marine biologists, biology labs and research groups
  • Medial Operations at Sea
  • Merchant marine vessels
  • Satellite operations
  • Security
  • Shipyard, ship building opportunities
  • Specialty manufacturing
  • Support services
  • Tankers
  • Vessel operations
  • Water Processing, filtration, chemical, electro-magnetic, ph balanced remediation of water stocks

In accordance with FDC deployment plans, significant opportunities now exist in the following areas: 

  • Air operations, Air transport, namely
    1. Helicopters for transportation, supply and heavy-lift
    2. Pilot Operations, training and support
    3. Maintenance, spare parts 
  • Chemical labs, portable analysis equipment
    1. Radiation monitoring, portable labs
    2. Radiation sensing equipment 
  • Food Supplies, provisioning 
  • HAZMAT Suits, equipment, support equipment 
    1. Radiation protective suits and clothing
    2. On-body monitoring equipment 
  • Marine biologists, biology labs and research groups
  • Merchant marine vessels
  • Satellite operations
  • Shipyard, ship building opportunities
  • Yachts

If you feel that your or your company  can assist in our Fukushima Initiative, please contact us at or Submissions can include: 

  • FULL VENDOR NAME - corporate name as you wish it to appear on the transaction forms, records or Purchase Orders.
  • VENDOR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER - which is provided internally.
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER - our account number, as is internal to the Vendor
  • CONTACTS –with each corporate contact providing contact name, title, business phone, email, designate, with prime contact identified AND ONE 24 hour emergency number if needed.
  • NAICS CODE – available at:
  • REFERENCES  (Public companies trading on a public exchange, need only identify the exchange they are trading on.)


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