It is proposed that another facility be included within the Alchem Univ campus to be named in some way after Lady Nada (namesake of Canada) who is one of the eight Ascended Masters who had lifetimes helping Children and professionals. 

The inspiration behind this was a trip by one of our sisters Terrie Young.

She has just returned from Uzbekistan where she studied dance and gave a lecture in communication and art therapy to care givers in an orphanage. 

Terrie was invited by a group of religious people volunteering services for these children who themselves were living in desperate conditions. She went with considerable trepidation because of stories she heard about children who these institutions turn out at a certain age to the streets for sex gangs to kidnap. The reality was unbearable.

The children did not know how to talk because they were animals in a pen with no communication with the staff. Some were never out of their bed but awoke with bruises and broken bones due to nocturnal abuse. They were terrified of crying because it was a punishable offence and once a week large women in Wellingtons would come in with fire hoses and wash down the terrified children like in an abattoir. 

I have long wondered what we could do for the children of the world other than provide food, clean water and energy wherever possible that would be unique and fulfilled our purpose of providing for those who would be involved the Reconstruction. I have dreamed of a university for children from around the world to promote world peace for over thirty years. 

Here is a plan initiated by Terrie’s inspired suggestion that art therapists she is preparing a masters program for at Cork University, could spend a year abroad at such a facility and learn passion and compassion about their vocation and plant seeds and communicate in some way with the children and give them a glimmer of life – a thread to hold on to. 

Refugee camps would also benefit from such help. What if we put aside funds for a pioneer group to establish a Children’s Corp (a little like the old Peace Corp) where volunteers spend one or two years abroad around the world helping out children in need. Teams consisting of pediatricians surgeons, therapists , counselors, special needs teachers, lawyers, teachers, nutritionists, nurses, water and hygiene experts and others as required, could go through training as teams and be dispatched globally. There would be no burden to the country and facility unless it wasn’t an imposition to finance us and did not bring about restrictions to our teams. Students desiring to spend a summer or year abroad could apprentice with these groups after a week or two of orientation courses. 

A purpose would be to save the children even if it is just to bring awareness and vital training to the care givers on hand locally and give them international feedback and support long after the Children’s Corp go on to other projects or simply complete their tour of duty. 

Critical cases requiring advice from specialists in any field could communicate via video computer conferencing where the expert could see the child in the presence of our team. Occasionally children could be sent to a special university children’s hospital* for medical attention. 

Terrie noticed a child looking at her with total awareness and after a moment, the child –unable to communicate- approached her, held her hand, and led her to another room where a child was in a form of straight jacket with tears streaming down his face. He wasn’t allowed to cry. This child got a chair for Terrie and sat her across from this little boy and he sat with his knees touching the tearing child. Terrie couldn’t make eye contact but just held the boys shoulder in compassion.

A carer dragged the littlie boy by his chair to an empty corner and after a minute Terrie dragged this child back. She was convinced this little boy who approached her was an ‘I’ child and saw that these children all over the world are abandoned in these places because their parents can’t cope. Such children could be found and where possible put in foster homes abroad where they could be given the love and care required preparing them for their task. Special programs to train children for employment upon leaving these institutions and keeping them out of the hands of slave and sex gangs is vital. 

Occasionally some of the less damaged children who can speak or be taught English, could be recruited from the foster parents programme or institutions at an appropriate time and attend a university **. 

  • A multidisciplinary approach will be encouraged to develop management potential for establishing new care facilities internationally. Newly graduated students in a medical profession such as medicine, therapy, nursing, counseling etc. would be encouraged to attend. 
  • Students would be invited to attend the spiritual exercises, counseling and classes for the New Alchemy students. 
  • Students would be screened for foreign vocational aptitude and psychological stability and suitability, and attend courses in languages, diplomacy and cultural history in addition to the required curriculum. 
  • All education would be under a loan programme which would be converted to a grant once the required field service is completed. 
  • The hospital would specialize in child related illnesses and surgery with the latest in facilities so that eventually trained residential staff could export their skills by training in situ internationally. 
  • Canada and Ireland are famous as cultures that appreciate and care for children. 
  • The school would have a curriculum representing specialties of interest brought out by the various ascended masters and the educational format would follow that given by the Masters. 
  • The school would be under full scholarship and qualifying graduates would receive a stipend until they reach economic equilibrium in their country or as scholarship funds or post graduate studies at another university. 
  • All the facilities inclusive of research and communication services would be a life-long privilege and the school would host a multi-year reunion every five years to maintain student bonding and expansion of the internal/international support network for new graduates. 

As always we welcome your input so this can evolve into a well considered and grounded opportunity for service. 

* Based on campus with the Alchem Univ a Lady Nada teaching Children’s hospital/university will be established for instruction in all aspects of children’s disorders and dysfunction found in orphanages or refugee camps around the world or ones to be established as examples around the world. It will be associated with an accredited local university. Participants at the Alchem Univ would benefit from the close proximity of a graphic example of why they are there and encouragement will be made to invent solutions of all descriptions to benefit these children.

 ** It is suggested that a St Germain University be established in Canada to teach children (50/50 “I” boys and girls) from around the world various subjects according to their choice but to include courses in government, geopolitics, languages, diplomacy and cultural history in addition to the required curriculum, so that they can call and have lunch rather than fight when they reach their potential positions in their government.

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