The malaria cure exists. it is manufactured in small quantities and distributed to Doctors Without Borders by one man and his team.

Made in small batches fueled by donations for the ingredients, the malaria cure has saved hundreds of lives. The letters from the doctors and clinics documenting the success rate of the cure are steady, ongoing, and becoming troublesome as far as space requirements are concerned.

A letter seems to be the same as any other letter; a sample is as below:

"I gave those six Malaria kits that you sent me to my friends in New Guinea and all them sent me the news that they are completely cured and have not had any relapses from the Malaria. I just want you to know that this product you have is doing the job as no other medicine that the have used or will ever use. They all send you their blessings and thank you for the gift of this cure."

Humanus has earmarked a large portion of funding specific to this cure, and will help create the circumstance for the eradication of this deadly disease.




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