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Metro Finance is a specialty boutique lending arm of Metroplexx and Humanus Trust and Foundation designed to provide low cost financing for small to large businesses.  

Based on a friendly and uncomplicated approach to business needs, Metro Finance structures loans at simple interest, and entertains capital infusion on an equity basis.

Loans may be amortized over a one year to a 99 year model depending on the requirements and repayment ability of the business petitioning for a loan. High risk loans are considered, and may require an equity position for safety considerations. Each application is considered on its merits, beginning with management.

Strong management in a high risk application carries more weight than the business itself, as Metro Finance recognizes that any business with strong leadership stands a higher chance of success than "garage band" applications. However, consideration is also given to the "garage band" application as we also recognize the potential of any effort that makes sense, and only requires an infusion of capital to make it work.

All applications are considered.


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