Metroplexx Business Corporation was created in 1999 to carry out the business of providing small business incubator, marketing, advertising, distribution, fulfillment, and technology deployment and distribution on a local community to national scale. Metroplexx’s Mission Statement summarizes this vision as: 

“To be dominant in the delivery of interactive and streaming multimedia technology solutions to enable integrated incubator, advertising, marketing, sales, networking and entertainment services, and deployment and sales of technology products.” 

Metroplexx’s communication solutions comprise of an Internet portal capable of taking advantage of the lessons learned during the dot com meltdown, public awareness in clicks and mortar programs, high speed wireless technology breakthroughs, newly developed, cost-effective marketing systems for small to medium-sized businesses, and synergistic offerings that plug into the portal. 


Metroplexx will deploy a system for small to medium-sized business to co-operatively create sizeable advertising budgets utilizing the best in Internet and traditional marketing methods. This will provide local member businesses with a unique marketing process combining the latest Internet technology with mainstream media advertising. As one of its first offerings, the company will aggressively market innovative Internet advertising concepts combined with traditional media and leading edge wireless internet appliance technologies. 

In concert with DragonsHeart and Tech3, a leading edge technology research and development house, Metroplexx has availability of proprietary technology designed to provide video streaming over the Internet or wireless networks. Metroplexx has also entered into an exclusive Agreement to market and distribute CAT cargo security systems to the multi-billion dollar container and trucking industry. 

Metroplexx intends to build about 1,400 office, distribution and manufacturing centers throughout North America to deploy its business services, software and hardware products, and fulfillment services. In a collaborative partnership with leading retail outlets, Metroplexx will provide for distribution of Internet appliances in wireless and hardwired formats, local and national traditional advertising coupled to the Internet, and will be an intrinsic part of its IBO Resource Center in a large-scale format similar to a Kinko’s or an Office Depot. 

Metroplexx will utilize its set top technology to enable live, or streaming video transmission at about 32 frames per second in UHD format over the Metroplexx proprietary smart modem in either VOD (Video On Demand), PPV (Pay-Per-View), or live formats. 


The company is also committed to the launching of a new Internet broadband and wireless video service based on its 5th generation wireless technology. This service is slated for North American and overseas markets. Included in this service rollout will be the marketing of a new design of high speed set-top-box/internet appliances produced specifically for the broadband service consumer. The “set-top” Internet appliance, the Micro-i, will be capable of turning the average householder’s TV into a world-class entertainment center. The Micro-i would also provide a complete ASP (Application Service Provider) computer solution capable of meeting all the needs of any prospective user, anywhere. Some of the products and services that Metroplexx will offer for sale include: 

Hardware and Software Solutions 

  •          Internet Appliance System 
  •          Wireless Internet and Security Systems 
  •          Satellite Internet systems 
  •          5G Modem 
  •          Virtual Secretary Program 
  •          Virtual Office Products 
  •          Health Computer System with Private Label Nutritionals 

Internet and Advertising Solutions 

  •          Complete Internet advertising and fulfillment solutions; 
  •          Traditional advertising packages; 
  •          Inexpensive Internet access and access systems; 
  •          Inexpensive e-commerce solutions for small businesses; and 
  •          Participation in an e-mall. 

Future Adjunct Program Solutions 

  •          Travel Club Plus 
  •          Travel Club Plus Card Program 
  •          Debit and Secured Credit Card Payment Systems 

The basis of the Metroplexx concept is to provide inexpensive solutions that span the entire contingency of advertising mediums, while providing a direct, and network marketing, sales and distribution outlet coupled with leading edge technology offerings. Metroplexx has developed a comprehensive Business Plan to support the transition from a research and product development group to an Internet portal designed to take advantage of the dot com meltdown and public awareness of the benefits of a clicks and mortar program, and provide its small business incubator program with success oriented tools to support their development. 

Metroplexx will achieve its goals through the deployment of its technology solutions over the Internet, and the solid foundation of traditional marketing, sales, distribution, and advertising venues coupled with a physical presence in every city in the form of a Metroplexx Center. The deployment strategy takes into account the necessity of video backbone solution sets that will enable Metroplexx to eventually see a full transition to this format. 

From a financial standpoint, solid year-over-year growth will lead to a annual revenue opportunity which should surpass US$ 2 Billion by Year 3 of operations. Metroplexx has positioned itself as a key provider of interactive and streaming multimedia which will offer a wide array of “end-to-end” video streaming technology solutions. 

In terms of profitability, Metroplexx is anticipated to break even by Q5. 

Metroplexx is seeking to develop its entry into the world markets with a USD$1 Billion capital infusion. This level of funding will ensure that Metroplexx has the staying power required to persist through the initial growing stages, emerge as a formidable power in the market, and further inspire the confidence of small business start-ups. 


Fifth generation ultrawideband wireless (5G) technology from Metroplexx will provide gigabyte per second speed rates to all communication devices and appliances, at very low power levels through solid objects at great distances without interference at a cellular level. Pedabyte ceramic storage devices will provide ultra compact storage mefiums, and Corning glass surfaces coated with new generation electronic/holographic interfaces will revolutionize the way we deal with our world.

With the advent of the wireless Internet, the whole telecommunication industry faced a period of fundamental change as the transition from voice to data centric business models did bring with it a host of new entrants, and a dramatic restructuring of the value chain.

Few businesses are more exciting than wireless communications these days. The arrival of 3G, 4G, and imminent 5G (fifth generation) wireless mobile services promises to bind together two of the fastest growing industry sectors of recent years - Internet access and mobile communications. Details of mobile devices that will be launched in the next five years as we move from voice centric mobile communications to non-voice data centric mobile communications are at the hands of imagineers.

The very nature and form of mobile devices will change from how we know them today - we will for example look at the (larger) phone screens more than the phones that we hold to our ear. We will also talk to the phone, giving it voice-activated commands, as much as we will hold conversations with other people through it. 


Interest in wireless is massive. Media content providers, IT companies, entrepreneurs, Internet service providers and telecoms operators are all fighting tooth and nail for a slice of this potentially vast new market. A revolutionary change is fast overtaking the telecoms and media industries and, as ever, this brings fear and opportunity in almost equal measures. Who will the winners be? How fast will these new services be taken up? Will the technology be ready on time? How quickly will revenues really grow and where will they come from? 

With each new generation of technology, the services which can de deployed on them becomes more and more wide ranging and truly limited only by imagination. We are reaching that stage with 3G now as it becomes pervasive. 

In response, DragonsHeart, in conjunction with Metroplexx’s MetroTech Division, will manufacture a sophisticated 5th generation (5G) ultrawideband wireless, TeleBit, with its corresponding ultrawideband fixed wireless (UFW) model to address the need for new wireless standards in data delivery and wireless ISP (WISP). This communications breakthrough will provide the City with unprecedented communication vistas. 

Network operators, content and application service providers, are working in earnest to deliver on the promise of the wireless Internet but are, for the most part, brought to check by FCC and similar regulations governing the industry which prescribe stringent limits on power. At high power, a current prerequisite for range, the band signals are harmful to humans. 

This results in range and network limitations in FCC (or similar) compliant wireless systems. The TeleBit technology exhibits none of these constraints since it is a low-power low-frequency technology. TeleBit will carry gigabit per second data rates over distances measured in 100s of kilometers through solid objects and water.

• gigabit per second data rates
• dense physical objects transparent to signal (concrete, mountains, water,
• low-power / low-frequency
• virtually unlimited unlicensed bandwidth
• 100 mile plus range of signal
• much smaller repeater tower infrastructure requirement: one tower every
    200 miles 

Essential Reality, a NY firm that provides a glove controller technology, has tested over 500 lightweight controller gloves based on LED variance. This sophisticated, limited wireless system is the predecessor of a Metroplexx TeleBit controller product that will be similar to the shuttle controllers in the TV show Earth: Final Conflict, or Iron Man (the movie) where you wave your hands in the air to access holographic controls. 

Wireless holography transmission made possible by the gigabit per second throughput of TeleBit will allow a mobile platform for all manner of service industries, entertainment, and the embrace of business applications. Thus the dawning of the age of true wireless is upon us, and Metroplexx Business Corporation is at the cutting edge of a new era in communications. 

In this respect, our motivation for going 5G wireless is two-fold. Of course, we want to enable convenient access of Metroplexx’s business services in concert with our WISP, but more significantly, we understand how 5G mobile and fixed wireless proliferation will impact the growth needs of the City of the Future.


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