Steel Mill 

The steel plant itself is a technological breakthrough. The modular mill is pollution-free, generates 80Mw of electricity, and, similar to the DragonsFire and all of our other systems, it is carbon credit-worthy. Materials using iron extracted from alumina red mud waste fields via the VortiSizer, and char from the DragonsFire provide excellent stainless steel for manufacturing and construction. 

Targeting Zero Emissions and Wastes 

The carbon-credit worthy DragonsHeart Steelmaking Process produces no solid or liquid wastes for disposal. All appropriate facilities are equipped with DragonsHeart's high efficiency air pollution control devices, an example as seen below in the new fluidized bed combustor, and iteration of which produces a blue flame 20 feet long on the exhaust/clean burn cycle, and the air bubble scrubber. 


The syngas is converted by DragonsHeart’s catalyst into high octane fuel. A portion of any volatile matter vaporized from the carbon content of the pellets and a portion of the CO from the reduction reactions is combusted within the furnace in place of the external fuel. 

DragonsHeart Mills will be capable of generating about 80Mw of power from this waste gas, sufficient to cover all the on-site power requirements and allow the facility to operate free from the public grid for the manufacturing community. Scrubber units, such as the bubble scrubber at left, provide zero emission capability. 


Unique Steel Treatment 

A rust-free iron obelisk found in India from some forgotten time was duplicated by a DragonsHeart affiliate member. Another member developed a waste-oil coating that when baked on steel, provided permanent lubrication. This combination represents a major advantage for DragonsClaw and MerAquaDrift (ocean water aquaculture) operations not to mention the shipping industry. Other applications exist in industry in general.

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