by Dr. Robert Hallowitz 

There are 2 sections to the prototype: the visible and the invisible. Steamboat Springs the town and the mountain will be the visible part and will function as a super resort community, highly visible, and basically simply upgraded on all fronts from where it is today into fully operational four season resort highest caliber.

We do not need a lot of detailed description given the degree to which that segment is already developed. Simply expanding hospitality, residential, recreational and commercial facilities, infrastructure, along with expansion of hospital should suffice. 

The invisible part will be along the Little Snake River (LS) about eighty miles west of Steamboat. This portion of the oasis will contain the following major components that are outlined in the following chapters;

  1. Food production with high tech vertical green house farming, aquaculture, and poultry and beef ranching.
  2. High tech vertical greenhouse farming for R&D of medicinal plant growth and rapid maturation for Yampa Valley Botanical, facilities for formulating and manufacturing herbal remedies, factory for Mold B Gone with needed means to maintain delivery of raw material sulfide based ingredient.
  3. We will require our own slaughterhouse and meat processing plant, along with appropriate refrigeration storage facilities
  4. Waste Management: to be provided by OWR and Mike Studley’s company
  5. Electric Power also provided by OWR and E2M, the new magnetic engine, and the air powered/and hydrogen powered engines
  6. Security: entire security plan to be designed and implemented by a team created by US Marines Dr. Hauser and Ben Mangina. I want us to have a low profile highly specialized police force complete with non-lethal defense weaponry and appropriate personnel strength to ward off unwanted invaders in the event chaos breaks out and distribution systems break down. Response training will be an ongoing activity for this team. This should be separate from but complementary to the regular police force
  7. Establishment of a legal municipality (John Grassby and his legal team) with the State of Colorado as the governing vehicle overseeing all of these sectors of development and operations.
  8. Headquarters for PEACE INC and Peace Room complete with full range of IT and secure network into cloned subsequent Oases (integrated with #12)
  9. I want to create a magnetic monorail system for high speed ground transport between Steamboat and LS. This will need to be underground to maintain the low profile. Terminal may need to be few miles west of Steamboat to preserve secrecy and its design will need to be such as not to attract attention.
  10. We need a high tech heavy duty manufacturing facility to create the huge helicopter and other vehicles powered by new propulsion systems
  11. We need a residential treatment center for selected patients to be treated with advanced healing systems
  12. Residential community including elementary, secondary schools and a first class library which will provide, besides books and all types of written literature, access to “live stream” videos, DVD’s and music. Our own university will also be constructed out along Little Snake; a no grid electrical system for all edifices commercial and residential based on new technology. This community/university is actually part of PEACE Inc’s center for sustainable peace and development and will include the PEACE Room complex.
  13. We will also create an acute care facility for first response to injury or illness, with rapid transfer capability to Steamboat Hospital as needed and/or provide our own “full” treatment hospital facility (A first class full service acute care hospital facility already exists in Steamboat). We will have to stockpile vast amounts of medicines, as well as medical and surgical supplies in the event of distribution system breakdown unless we can be assured of resupply by UM.
  14. A wide variety of recreational facilities for local residents will be provided from, but not limited to, golf courses, horseback riding facilities, indoor and outdoor tennis, community centers that would provide, bowling alleys, skating rinks, gyms, weight rooms, indoor racquet sports, water slides, swimming pools, ball fields (indoor and outdoor) and other related physical training facilities, cross country skiing tracks within the city boundaries and downhill skiing will be at Steamboat Springs
  15. Ranch on several thousand acres for horses, cattle (beef and dairy), oxen, sheep and free ranging poultry
  16. First response team and appropriate facilities for fire and rescue and emergency care
  17. Heliport for transport back and forth to Steamboat Hospital and other facilities
  18. Heliport for the “to be” developed oversized helicopters for use as portable hospitals and commodity and personal transport
  19. Across the river and into the mountain an underground radiation secure facility for housing humans, animals and vegetation for food and oxygen production to house several thousand people and an appropriate amount of livestock for food, water, and possibly transportation (horses, oxen) in event of complete electrical power neutralization from solar activity. If possible, stability of construction should take seismic disruption into consideration in facility design and structure, along with adequate recycling of purified air, water and waste.
  20. Waste water recycling plant for both industrial and residential components of oasis…probably through Mike Studley and modified OWR technology
  21. Airfield substantially long and sturdy enough for BBJ 737. (A suitable air strip already exists within 25 minute drive from LS plot which can be used until we erect our own) We may consider obtaining several appropriate aircraft and/or helicopters, along with diversified systems for the protection of the community with specifically trained pilots and crews. Also we will require the relevant maintenance and hangar structures
  22. R&D facilities including the manufacturing of advanced healing technologies, propulsion systems for use in our air and ground vehicles and maintenance facilities for same
  23. The provision of secure warehouses for the stockpiling of large raw materials for production/manufacturing of technologies developed, long and short term food supplies and day to day personal requirements
  24. Secure the technology of three dimensional tool and machine reproduction
  25. Multiple Radiation Stations capable of EM frequencies for purpose of neutralizing hostility in humans designed to create an essential force field containing/surrounding entire secret complex…should have goal of preventing entry of area by humans with hostile intentions by creating a physiologic reaction of aversion to proceeding into complex. This system complements the more conventional security defenses. This system is also an ultra large scale version of the Rife technology with frequencies found to have psychophysiological effect of aversive behavior (drive ‘em away)
  26. Oil and gas drilling and storage facilities
  27. A small scale refinery for crude oil for local use of gasoline, diesel, propane and other alternate fuels
  28. Storage facilities for harvested natural gas along with distribution system to residences, acute and chronic care facilities, and supply depots for families and industry alike
  29. Solar and wind based energy production systems
  30. Buildings from housing to industrial structures should be constructed from already known new materials that have durability and can withstand seismic disruption, radiation penetration, and severe wind damage.
  31. We will need our own secure wireless telecommunication and IT systems
  32. Precious metal repositories for gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, etc.
  33. If deemed a high priority, establish our own banking equivalent and using our own currency based upon both oil, natural gas, and purchased precious metals. The purpose would be to sustain stable value of our purchasing power in the event of wild assed inflation which many predict in near future
  34. Heavy equipment in LS for everything from snow removal to disaster clean up in event of flooding, fire, wind storm damage to forestry. We also want this equipment to expand construction when necessary. Trained crews and equipment for complete maintenance and repair and replacement parts.
  35. Several additional remote sites as in Washington State/Idaho (near Spokane), Phoenix, Whistler Blackcomb, as well as a research and treatment center on Vancouver Island along with residential retreats contingency sites depending upon geophysical phenomenon 


When completed this component of the oasis should accommodate all needed personnel for operations of these systems, which means a residential community for approximately 25,000 people when fully functional. This community will have to be comprised of people with full security clearance to remain inconspicuous and somehow able to pass between the two component facilities: Steamboat the resort and LS the developmental shelter. 

A great deal of responsibility for selection of personnel will fall to our marines and upper management if we can obtain their assistance. We will also have to take a great deal of care to provide for all developmental, educational, and medical needs of children including facilities for OB-GYN/labor and delivery within the secret community. We also will need to recruit appropriate number of permanent resident OB/GYN physicians, nurses, and technical support staff (as in Ultrasound technicians, and other related skill sets). 

During the construction phase labor force will be segmented and brought in for specific jobs and then taken back to wherever they came from. We will recruit labor from the Denver, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City Area for specific aspects of construction, as well as for agricultural labor. Our mega helicopters will probably be required for use in labor transport and we will acquire specific properties (land) neighboring these cities in proximate rural areas to avoid unnecessary attention in transporting laborers in and out of LS. 

The extent of this plan is so vast that we will need a minimum of 10B for openers and the entire project may wind up costing several hundred B, when taking all factors into consideration. We need realistic calculations of costs which will take a number of people with expertise I do not have. My estimates are basically WAGS but in the right ball park. We are also advised by some that maintaining secrecy will be impossible, so entrance and egress from the area will have to be tightly controlled as part of security system. Construction materials and facility designs will be suitably camouflaged to minimize probability of flyover detection.


All profits after taxes and contributions to local projects are invested into further local projects with the surplus going to national and global projects. 

The percentage of Humanus/DragonsHeart profits that go back to the local, national and global community are anticipated to be in the order of 70% or more to continue the Reconstruction process as quickly as possible.

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