DragonsFire / DragonsStorm 

A unique plasma and gassifier system that was originally based on a fluidized bed combustor. This evolved to the present configuration of a unique plasma “furnace” capable of selectively producing raw materials from the gasification process whereby gasses are separated and condense on special “plates” at different stages, to collect the raw materials ranging from metals to plastics, and/or completely burning fuel (coal for example) to a 100% utilization without any emission. 


Fig. 1 below represents current plasma technology which produces a large plume of Plasma however only a very low temperature area is used which comprises a small overall percentage of the total plasma. Furthermore, High temperature plasma will ablate cupula or crucible material which is a good reason to use lower temperature Plasma zones. 

Fig. 2 represents the basic Plasma shape produced by the device. This clearly utilizes a new path in Plasma production and extraordinary uniqueness compared to current Plasma technologies. 100% of the plasma Kernel energy is available for dispersion into the target medium, allowing maximum thermal ionization.

Current Plasma technology uses a limited plasma area for reactions in low Plasma temperature regimes yet allows the hottest zones to go unused. The Plasma formed by this new technology allows the core and adjoining high temperature zones to be fully accessed, whereby 100% of the total & hottest Plasma energy can be dissipated into the reaction target and this Plasma System, for example, can directly treat up to 100% water saturated Coal Fines with the absolute highest possible energy efficiency as per Fig. 3. 

The device represents the very first of its kind - it is producing near Zero Counter EMF, has Zero Laminate Steel, runs on Zero Spark Suppression whereby it is producing a field of High Energy Plasma on only 20 Watts of input power. The end results and effects can be summarized as follows:

 Thermal Ionization of Coal and Petroleum into syngas/methane

•Cogeneration & Disposal of Hazardous Waste
•Municipal Solid waste (MSL)
•Toxic waste
•Sanitation waste
•Medical waste
•PCB's into plasma creates Hydrogen as end product

 The end result is cost effective Toxic Waste Disposal unattainable by current plasma technology.


Air cleaning technology that can ionize vast areas of atmosphere and effectively clean all pollutants present in particulate form.


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