Humanus and DragonsHeart have amassed the best of breed and other bleeding edge power generation, propagation and storage technologies from dozens of sources, some public and some secret, that have been in the making for these times now.

Each power need we have encountered required a custom power technology best suited to the situation. To this end, below are technologies representative of a good cross section of available systems.

Some systems in the secret category require capitalization for fulfillment of the production prototypes that set the stage for mass production. Other technologies more mundane, like the same sized solar panel that produces about 30 times more electricity than the most efficient unit on the current market.

Supermagnetics figure prominently in some technologies, where spinning magnets cancel each others cogging effect and provide for more power going out than coming in (self-runners), to same supermagnetic principals in super efficient over-producing wind power generators, to anti gravity devices where supermagnetics and room temperature superconductors play significant roles.

All forms of power technologies of substance were invited to join the Humanus and DragonsHeart initiative based on providing best available power tech to our Humanity under the most favorable terms and conditions tailored to the situation.


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