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Humanitarian Project Completions and Progress Reports


1. Landa China Development Investment Corporation

Know Your Client (KYC) Submission Document Set

Oddly, because of the inclusion of the historic bond intake process to the compensator, the Landa KYC document set was created as the first Humanitarian Project.

The various document sets prevalent in the global landscape were incorrect in their verbiage and methodology, which led to many difficulties both financial and legal for the people that were using incorrect document sets.

Landa staff, after consultation with the compensator and security, settled on the correct legal verbiage for the actions that are being undertaken, and the proper manner of an intake process. Staff worked on the proper verbiage and terminology required for a fully compliant bank document set that would benefit any broker, platform, and banking entity that required such usage.

Currently, this helpful tool is serving well as indicated by its general use in the global compensation process. We are delighted that our document set is being adopted by more and more compensators, platforms, banks, and aggregators for its cleanliness and integrity to the process.

By these actions, it may be deemed that a Humanitarian Project was accomplished within a very short amount of time.

Total Amount:  Cost off willing individuals that took the time out to give a helping hand.




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