The Senates are global organizations for the creation, organization and deployment of humanitarian and economic development efforts.

Senates are independent third party organizations that belong to the members thereto. They do not raise capital or involve in the ownership of any Project, but rather act as a think tank and conduit for the creation of specific initiatives to benefit our Humanity, and present worthy Projects for funding consideration to the Trusts that fund all Projects presented herein.

In this manner, the Senates retain an impartial position in the consideration of the Projects, and permit the voices of its Senators to determine the viability or the desirability of the Projects.

The two Senates are Humanus and World Technology Senate. Both have a certain cross-over function wherein considerations from one directly impact the other and vice-versa. This allows for the complete examination of all aspects of a Project to be addressed properly.

The Senators play a critical role as the body of the Senate is comprised of world class scientists, doctors, physicists, biologists, engineers, and many others that are required to properly consider the merits of any Project on a global scale.



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