Container Tracking Security: STRAI-CAT 

Due to a lack of effective security systems, container/trailer theft has become an industry unto itself, also resulting in huge losses to the insurers. DragonsHeart partner, Automated Container Technologies (ACT), was the immediate solution in view of the large number of containers that will be utilized in these operations. 

Automated Container Technologies is a manufacturer of high volume, high density, fully automated computer controlled container handling, transport, storage, management, and inventory systems, requested the STRAI-CAT (Satellite Tracking Remote Artificially Intelligent Cargo Active Transmitter) system to track each container and know its location, size, and weight at any given moment. Container on loading to ships may be arrayed by weight and next-port offload priority. With the Metroplexx TeleBit 5G wireless, tracking becomes a simple matter utilizing off-the-shelf parts. 

The STRAI-CAT GPS system has a pager or combination cellular phone, and has a global com link for tracking and security. This technology version provides a complete tracking and security solution for fleets and owner/operators as well as container owners.  

Ports may utilize the system to poll and track with security in parallel with their ALY-CAT systems. The ALY-CAT GPS system, is an inexpensive yard or port cargo locator/ security central control for STRAI-CAT enabled cargo. The Company’s STRAI-CAT consists of detection units designed to mount and lock on a fixed security plate on a shipping container.


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