Our mission is to create symbols that people can wear and serves as a constant reminder of hope. Hope that no matter what is going on in their lives... they will persevere. 

Many people, regardless of circumstance and status in life, experience hardships. In particular, people in our inner cities have a different perspectives on life and what the future may hold. The cycle of abuse, in all areas of life, starts at an early age, and often is devoid of hope that they can rise above their circumstances.

What others take for granted in their daily lives, they live without. In our blessed countries, we see families live in conditions that are usually reserved for what we would consider third world conditions. Parental responsibilities are thrust upon the very young, and perpetuates the cycle of poverty, in all areas of their lives. 

The Symbols of Hope jewelry that has been donated to our outreach has proven to be invaluable tools of witnessing and remembrance to so many, especially children and teens. For example, one of our symbols, ‘No Weapon’ formed against you will prosper teaches us that we are protected at all times in whatever we do.

These messages are engraved on their hearts and offer them hope in seemingly no win situations. We have had many testimonies from people that wear the symbols, mentioning the profound effect that the symbols have had on their lives, reminding them everyday that there is hope for a better life, says one of our Symbols of Hope partners.

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