Transportation initiatives consist of all available technologies for the refinement and deployment of highly efficient mass transportation systems, cargo freight solutions, and personal conveyance.

From hydrogen fueled cars and jet airplanes, to electric conveyance, to anti-gravity drives, Humanus is actively pursuing the most beneficial and effective transportation technologies available.

Of particular note is the evacuated tube transport system, Hypersonic Transportation Systems.

Transportation will also be exemplary. Several new motors are surfacing like the Tesla electric motor car capable of: 0-60 mph in 4 seconds; 250 miles per charge; and 1 cent per mile, and several hydrogen assisted motors under review. 

Mass transit will be utilized in the form of suspended light rail (SLRT) which can be erected at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Small or large transport cars can be attached to new DragonsHeart network motors permanently attached to the track itself and can be exchanged for slings to transport cargo containers at night and early morning hours to and from freight train and airport freight facilities. 

A higher speed version based on limited anti-gravity (not mag-lev) technology will be available for transportation to the nearest town and airport which can be managed by the local train authority. We believe that this will popularize SLRT mass transit and create a new industry. This new system will be safer than all other forms at present, as the anti-gravity fields can provide strong acceleration to speeds over 1,000 km/hour, and similar braking capability from those speeds in diametric terms of deceleration. The capability to power the SLRT a number of unique ways supports the low cost and feasibility of this system.

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