by Bob Green 

US Development Funding, Inc. (hereafter “USDF”) is a US Based “Angel Funding” Venture Capital Fund which has been organized by a “Top Gun” Management Team of former Senior US Commercial Bank Lending Officers, US Venture Capital Fund CEO’s, New York Stock Exchange Company Executives, International Private Investment Bankers, Management Consultants, Economists – Risk Managers, Big 6 Accounting Firm Executives, and MIT Level Scientists. 

Together with Humanus and DragonsHeart, USDF has strategized the optimum path towards driving the revitalization of gutted infrastructures and limping economies by sourcing, directing, and managing a “Turbo-Charged” resurgence of private equity investment into the heart of most countries in the world which does not have to be paid back by the recipient companies funded by USDF, with emphasis on America first. 

For America, USDF’s primary Mission Strategy is to Re-Build and Re-Energize America’s Struggling Economy by Sourcing, Qualifying, Funding, Mentoring, and Developing a “Twenty-First” Century Generation of at least 10,000 start-up, small, mega-high tech, fully nimble, and totally Cost Effective with their domestic and global competition new US Companies during the next 7 – 10 years and beyond. 

USDF’s US project funding programs will be guided by a deeply comprehensive, “Boots-on-the-Ground” driven Global Intelligence System reaching into over 190 countries of the world whose objective will be to:

1. Quantify all types of current & future market demands in each country,

2. Identify every new technology under development in each country,

3. Discover every new Best Global Practice Concept introduced in each country,

4. Determine the costs and strategies of all competition in each market of the world, and finally,

5. Evaluate the geopolitical, economic health, credit conditions, and demographic trends of each market of the entire world.

 USDF’s Overriding Project Funding Objectives derived from it’s Global Intelligence System are that USDF’s Top Management Team will be able to Guide, Mentor and Support every project funded to ensure that USDF’s projects are able to:

1. “Out Smart” their Global Competition as well as

2. Out Strategize

3. Out Innovate

4. Out Plan

5. Out Manage

6. Out Market

7. Out Global Supply Chain Set Up

8. Out Cost, and most important of all,

9. Out Bottom Line each of their competition to enable USDF’s projects to become Leaders In Their Industries which will also ensure that USDF optimizes the economic development value of every dollar invested with USDF!

 In order to achieve the USDF’s Overall Project Funding Objectives reviewed above, USDF’s Internal Project Funding Guideline Rules include:

• No Unionization Allowed In Any USDF Funded Projects Because Labor Unions Are Cost Competitive “Killers”: USDF will initially only fund into America’s 22 “Right-To-Work States” where Unions cannot force membership. In fact, USDF anticipates that as Non-Right-To-Work States, such as California, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. watch Right-To-Work States receive billions of new funding dollars from USDF and flourish, they will be forced by their suffering people to adopt Right-To-Work Legislation on a Fast Track Basis which will be the ultimate “Death Blow” to US Labor Unions in America when every State in the US has passed Right-To-Work Legislation, and current Labor Union Contracts expire, which will also greatly impact a major source of Democratic Party political contributions.

• Set Up the Most Comprehensive and Aggressive “Cost Reduction” Program in the US. USDF plans to capitalize on every known Cost Reduction Technique including (1) Assisting every project in obtaining every possible Free Grant ; (2) Assisting every project in obtaining every possible Tax Reduction, Tax Holiday, Tax Rebate, Tax Credit, etc.; (3) Assisting every project in obtaining Free land, Free buildings, Free employee training, Free employee transportation, Free employee relocation support, Free surplus vehicles and equipment, etc.; (4) Assisting every project in obtaining the lowest possible utility costs; (5) Setting up a Cost Reduction Recommendations Cash Awards Program in order to “Cost Reduction Data Mine” most of America by USDF encouraging project employees to seek cost reduction recommendations from all of their friends, relatives, network, etc. (6) Many more which will be reviewed in future “VIP” Level USDF Presentations referenced in the last paragraph of this Venture Capital Review.

• Wind Up and Dissolve Most Existing Legal Structures & Set Up Brand New “Squeaky Clean” Legal Entities Into Which Each Business Funded Is Merged: Why? To fully clean up any historical legal problems, most particularly “Shady” Stock Sale Transactions, as well as precisely define that new legal entity’s start-up assets, direct and contingent liabilities, & employment base, and then most importantly, that company’s technology along with exactly who owns such assets and technology.

• “Leverage” every dollar of USDF investment into every new project funded to “Stretch” the investment dollars available to USDF as far as possible by USDF Tapping, over time, every source of investment capital in America and every country that USDF enters. How: On average, USDF plans to inject 40% of the Foundation Base Capital Requirements of every project funded on a First-In, Highest Risk, No Repayment Basis, in order to Set Up the “Foundation Equity Base” of Every Project to qualify that project for 60% Secondary Funding from regional Standard Venture Capital Funds who will no longer inject First-In Money, but will inject Second Round Money.

 For example, by recruiting all 700 (approx) of America’s current Venture Capitalists to support funding new US projects cooperatively with USDF, USDF’s leveraging objective is to TAP every potential dollar of investment capital that can be raised in America which is currently “Gun Shy” to come forward, but is expected to come forward when US investors with cash fully understand USDF’s aggressive Re-Build and Re-Energize the US Economy Mission Objective for the long term future of America and its people!!

• USDF will only require 49% of the equity stock in every project funded because USDF wants to ensure that every Project Management Team holds long term majority voting control (although USDF's investment agreement with every company funded contractually requires that USDF controls voting as long as USDF has investment funds in any project just in case a management group ever “fools” USDF’s qualification team)) so that each project’s management team has the Optimum Long Term Majority Ownership Incentive to put the required time and effort into maximizing the economic opportunity of their project.

The 49% equity position required from each new project will be divided 29% to USDF for injecting 40% of the required equity base cash as well as for doing all of the project development work plus expending all of the costs for sourcing, qualifying, funding, mentoring, and monitoring every project, and 20% to USDF’s Venture Capital Leverage Funding Partner for injecting 60% of the cash, but who will be actually “Piggybacking” on all of USDF’s intense work and cost expenditures, and essentially has no risk which is being carried by USDF’s First In, Highest Risk cash injections.

• USDF’s (1) Intense Project Mgt Training (One Week, Crash Mini MBA Type Training at USDF’s Corporate Headquarters) and follow on (2) Full Service Legal Support and (3) Comprehensive Mentoring in every one of the required “Building Blocks” of Successful Businesses are intended to “Smooth” Every Project’s Passage through their critical “Valley of Death” transition period (Transition From Start-Up To Positive Cash Flow) which is the time period when most new Start-Up” businesses fail.

 Accordingly, via USDF’s Globally “Cutting Edge” Project Funding Strategies, USDF’s Overall Mission Objectives for America are to Lead in:

1. Creating at least 30 MILLION New Direct Manufacturing and Primary Industry Jobs as well as Indirect, Leverage Impact Service Jobs in the US within the next 7 – 10 years in America, and millions more US jobs annually thereafter;

2. Lead in Sharply elevating US Consumer Income and Consumer Buying Power;

3. Over time, by increasing US Consumer Income, lead in driving a Paradigm-Shift Turn-Around in US Residential and Commercial Real Estate demand, pricing and new Real Estate Construction along with the new US Construction Jobs which will be created therefrom;

4. Lead in Substantially increasing US State and Federal Government Tax Receipts and other types of revenues to assist each in Fast Track “Balancing Their Budgets” as well as more effectively managing their massive debt loads;

5. Overall, Lead In Driving: (a) Long Term Economic Growth in America as well as (b) US Dollar Stability; (c) Long Term US Job Growth, and (d) Consumer Income Stability; (e) US Entitlement Program Funding Stability; (f) Long Term US Financial Solvency, (g) Minimizing, over time, America’s import of Energy; and (h) Significantly Improving America’s Competitive Position and (i) Reputation in the World.

 USDF is headed by:

• Robert T. Green, CEO, Lead Founder and Lead Strategist (Former Major US Bank VP; Chief Strategic Planner for a major Los Angeles Based NYSE Company; CFO for a Pittsburgh, PA based major NYSE Company; CEO of two highly successful Venture Capital Funds (One In Vancouver, BC and One in the US); and CEO of a major Private International Investment Banking Firm which operated in Northern & Central Europe, SE Asia (Taiwan and Hong Kong) as well as the CIS Region of the Former Soviet Union and participated in Hundreds of Billions of Global Infrastructure and Major Project Fundings);

• HE Jerzy Babkowski, Chairman (Humanitarian and Industrialist);

• Thomas Harrison, Exec VP and MIT Trained Chief Scientist, and

• Phillip Snow, Exec VP, (Former US High Tech Co. CEO).

 USDF has been strategized to be the most:

1. Intensely Researched,

2. Creatively Strategized,

3. Smartest Organized,

4. Deeply Funded,

5. Most Professionally Managed, and over time

6. The most important PRIVATE Re-Builder, Re-Energizer, and Re-Stabilizing LEADER In Modern US History Of America’s (a) Struggling Economy; (b) Disintegrating Global Competitiveness; (c) Outrageous Debt Loads; (d) Financial Solvency Including Entitlement Funding, and (e) Bloated US Government Size and Commercial Influence with the follow-on result being that USDF is destined to become the

7. HIGHEST MARKET CAP VALUE** “Angel Funding” Venture Capital Fund in US History, whose Principal Mission Objectives are to become a Private Role Model Leader in the US to: 

** USDF has identified 14 Dynamic Revenue Sources which will all be reviewed in the “VIP Level” Conference referenced in the final Paragraph of this Venture Capital Discussion, among which is the fact that USDF’s “Deep Digging” Global Intelligence System will provide USDF the ability to identify the World’s newest “Mind Boggling” technological breakthroughs the very day they are announced (Real Time Basis) which will enable USDF to both Invest Heavily at the very ground floor of every Mind Boggling new technology introduced anywhere in the world, as well as additionally Fund Projects to capitalize on the world’s most “Cutting Edge” new innovations.

 Accordingly, consider the “GEOMETRIC” Market Cap Value Growth Rates that USDF will be “Locking Into” It’s Own Market Cap Valuation Econometric Model by USDF funding a vast majority of America’s new, mind-boggling technologies Equivalent Microsoft’s, Apple's, Google’s, IBM’s, GE’s, Xerox’s in its “Heyday”, McDonald’s, etc. at their ground floor infancy!

 Additionally consider the “GEOMETRIC” Market Cap Value Growth Rates that USDF will additionally “Lock In” by USDF’s Global Intelligence System real-time tracking of the Business Life Cycle of Every “Big” Company in the World to enable USDF to define the precise point where Big, Cost Bloated company’s Market Share, Market Prominence, and Profitability Capability Peaks and Begins to FALL. Of Course, USDF will Short Sell every such company all the way down its entire demise period, and Re-Cycle USDF’s Enormous Short Sale Profits back into USDF’s Project Funding Cash Fund to elevate the number of new US projects that USDF has the cash availability to fund.

USDF will re-energize the limping US Economy by:

1. Leading, via Setting Up and Managing a Private US Central Planning Commission comprised of the Elite Private Universities in Every US State, Top CPA Firms, Top Management Consultants throughout the US, the Most Respected US Think Tanks, etc. whose Mission Objective will be to generate “Grass Roots” based, majority of the membership supported, ACTIVATE or BE VOTED OUT Type Recommendations from every State in the US to the US Congress as well as the US Presidential Administration Power relative to:

2. The US Government Totally Re-Inventing the Long Term US Government Revenue Source & Spending Econometric Model, Most Importantly America’s Entitlement Commitments (Social Security and Medicare) Which Over 135 Million America’s Expect to be paid to them (Social Security & Medicare Coverage) because they have been paying for such coverage their entire working careers, As Well as the US Government Size and Influence On American Business and Over the American People Model (Many More Will Be Discussed in USDF’s “VIP” Level Conference) in addition to:

3. The US Government Totally Re-Strategizing (a) America’s Tax Code to make America more Taxation Competitive with the rest of the world, PLUS Completely Re-Strategize (b) America’s current US Business Expansion Incentive “Killing,” (c) Cost Competitive “Killing” To Meet, and (d) Future Uncertainty Creating US “Red Tape” Obamacare Legislation, Regulations, Rules, Executive Orders, in addition to America’s (e) Ineffective Energy Policy; (f) Ineffective Education Policy; (g) Non-Enforced Illegal Immigrant Policy; (h) Term limits for US Congresspersons, Senators, & Supreme Court Judges; (i) Ineffective US Congressional Ethics Policies; (j) US Wall Street Robber Baron Bankster’s Regulation, most particularly relative to precise conformance of US Securities Regulations as well as Excess Risk Creation via uncontrolled Derivatives; (k) America’s Totally Conflict-of-Interest Political Campaign Donation Regulations which allow Big US Companies and Wall Street to “BUY OFF” Congresspersons, (l) Many more which will be reviewed in the “VIP” Level Conference in SE Asia!

4. Re-Build America’s GUTTED, Disastrously DE-INDUSTRIALIZED US Manufacturing and Industrial Base which, prior to the initiation of Offshoring by America’s Big Companies in approximately 1970, and before the activation of many “Unbridled” Free Trade Agreements by the US Congress including the worst of all, NAFTA, was contributing 24% to America’s annual GDP, but deeply shocking, US Manufacturing is now contributing less than 11% to America’s current GDP which is a “National Tragedy” For America. (USDF will “Hand Out” a Chart Illustrating this Tragedy at the “VIP” Level Conference)

But sadly for the American people, the US Congress has sat by for over 40 years and watched America’s Manufacturing Wealth Creation Capability and US Manufacturing Jobs (Over 6 Million US Manufacturing Jobs Lost Since 1970 Which Support, on average a 3 X leveraging factor Service Jobs) Internally Disintegrate “Right Under Their Noses”! (USDF has another Chart illustrating this 6 Million Employment Loss Tragedy “Fall Out” of Offshoring).

No other country in the entire world has faced the Degree of “De-Industrialization” and Manufacturing Job Loss that has occurred in America due to Offshoring by America’s Big Companies. And what area of the world has benefited the most from America Big Company Offshoring: SE Asia, most particularly China!! 

In fact, one of the most “Jolting” Books in US History was written by a Former US Senator who tried to stop Big US Company Offshoring for over 30 years on the basis that Offshoring was destroying America, which is still occurring today, but he was continuously overruled by his “Bought Off By Big Multinational US Businesses” Senate Colleagues. His book is entitled: 


Thus, for America to successfully survive long term, every US economist who USDF has interviewed unanimously agree that America’s Manufacturing Base MUST BE RE-BUILT, but it cannot be Re-Built around America’s Big US Companies who are so “COST BLOATED” due to Egregious, Competitive Killing US Labor Union Wage, Fringe, Pension, and Work Rule Demands, Top & Middle Management compensation GREED, and a US Tax Structure and excessive “Red Tape” Regulations, which have destroyed the Global Competitiveness of US Companies, to the point that they can no longer effectively compete globally from America. 

In fact, more and more Big US Companies are elevating the Re-Purchase of their own Stock with their excess cash to further expand Top Management Earnings Per Share Based Compensation Bonuses VERSUS allocating their excess cash to Expanding Their US Operations and Adding more US Jobs!! 

Nor can it be Re-Built around most existing US Medium to Small Manufacturing Companies, 23 of which are Shutting Down every single day in America, because Small Business Owners in the US are becoming increasingly “Sick, Tired and Fed Up” with Dealing with the Competitive Killing US Government and for many others, additionally dealing with their State Government Competitive “Killing” policies as well, most particularly California. 

Plus, most existing Medium to Small US Manufacturing Companies were originally built on a foundation of EXCESSES and have been penetrated by Labor Unions, so they are currently either only marginally competitive, or not cost competitive at all, so they would require major Structural Surgery and Brutal Cost Cutting to be expanded!! 

Thus, USDF’s US Country-Wide surveys of what will be required to most effectively and efficiently Re-Build and Re-Energize the GUTTED US Manufacturing base is that USDF Must Virtually Start Over to build a total new generation of fully Cost Competitive US Companies from day one forward! 

The Above Explanation is WHY USDF Plans To Fund, on a Fast Track Basis, a 21st Century Generation of Paradigm Shift Strategized, Nimble and Lean From the Ground Floor Up, Totally Cost Competitive New Start-Up Companies to Re-Build America’s GUTTED/DE-INDUSTRIALIZED Manufacturing and Industrial Job base. 

Plus, small US Companies account for over 85% of all new US Job Creation. 

Thus, USDF will concentrate on funding small to start High Tech Projects, but will also fund some Medium Tech programs who can prove that they can operate cost competitively with their competition. Industry Categories USDF will emphasize include:

• Become a major US participant in driving Energy Independence in America by USDF funding a multitude of types of Conventional Oil & Gas Exploration and Development programs as well as every economical type of Non-Conventional Energy source including Waste to Energy, Oil Lipids to Bio Diesel, Wind, Solar, and Ocean – River Wave Energy Generation Systems. USDF will also investigate every known “Exotic Energy” source including Magnetic Energy generation systems. Of course, USDF will emphasize Green Energy technologies.

• Lead in driving Water Independence in the Western US by funding major water Desalination Programs for the West Coast as well as the Gulf Coast regions in addition to advanced technology irrigation systems designed for greatly improved water utilization efficiency. 

In addition, USDF also plans to support the funding of the design, right-of-way acquisition, and the construction of the Largest Water Transfer Canal System in US history from the Central US Mississippi Basin Annual Spring Flood Regions to the Colorado River in the West to transfer millions of acre feet of excess Midwest Flood Water to the Arid Western US.

• Re-Vive and Greatly Expand on a Fast Track Basis the US Mining Industry, which has been choked by Counter Productive US Government Environmental Regulations, but has the potential of supporting at least 1 Million New US Jobs over time as well as greatly reducing America’s dependence on Foreign Producers of key minerals, most particularly Rare Earths.

• Lead in Driving US Food Production Independence via funding the introduction of “Break-Through”, High Tech Agricultural and Food Processing Technologies. In addition, USDF will fund the acquisition of Millions of Acre Feet of Mid-West and Western Water Rights to support the Hundreds of Thousands of Acres of Prime US Farm Land that USDF and its affiliates plan to purchase at an average of 50% of 2008 land costs.

• Fund advanced Bio-Tech and High Tech Medical Equipment technologies to ensure that America remains on the “Cutting Edge” of Advanced Global Medical Technologies.

• Support elevated efficiency Land Transport Equipment and Systems in the US including substantially expanding US “Public Transportation” Feeder Systems to major existing, and new Public Transport Programs including expanding Light Rail, City Trax, Local Trolleys, Local Bus Lines, and over time, High Speed Rail in the US. 

USDF’s technical teams led by Thomas Harrison have also designed a “Cutting Edge” Electric Vehicle which USDF will determine whether to manufacture itself, or sub contract the manufacturing which will be discussed in the “VIP” level Conference referenced in the last Paragraph of this Venture Capital Discussion. 

• Fund advanced Environmental & Climate Change Mitigation Systems. While many argue that man has not been responsible for the major Climate Change that the Earth is encountering, as more and more evidence is being evaluated, more global scientists are concluding that Carbon Emissions, most particularly from two of the most industrialized nations on earth who are still dependent on Coal Fired Power Generation, the US and China, are definitely contributing to Global Climate Change! Thus, USDF will be very aggressive in funding Clean Energy Technologies and Green House Gas Emission Reduction Systems.

• Support the Re-Building of US Military Supply Independence which shockingly, critically key parts of which have been sold off to other countries per the approval of prior US Government Officials which now makes the American Military 100% dependent on Foreign Countries for many of their most critically vital supply components.

• Additionally support the Re-Building of US Industrial Equipment Supplies Independence which has also been Offshored to foreign countries with the approval of prior US Government Officials.

• Fund a Private Bank to enable USDF to be able to Guarantee the Trade, Industrial, and Bank Working Capital Credit Requirements of every new Company funded by USDF to ensure that they obtain the lowest cost possible for all credit needs. Additionally, USDF also plans to use its Private Bank to provide working capital funding to its Mining Programs against In-Situ Mineral Deposits to accelerate the process of Reviving US Mining.

• Fund a major North American Institutional Bond Interest Rate Spread Profit Generating Program to add to USDF’s Cash Flow generation capabilities in addition to facilitating USDF recruiting the Global Banking Industry to develop Global Advanced Indicator Credit Intelligence for USDF. 

Via this program, USDF is planning to sell $1 Billion per week of AAA Rated Institutional Bonds to the North American Institutional Bond Market via Morgan Keegan which is one of North America’s most respected, Fully Registered, Institutional Bond Private Placement Firms in the US. USDF will use the proceeds to invest in High Yield Bonds Globally to arbitrage USDF’s higher interest earnings against USDF’s far lower monthly bond interest costs. 

Because this program is deeply sophisticated, the details of how Robert Green of USDF has structured with the top banks in the Global Banking industry to develop highly sensitive and extremely confidential GLOBAL Advance Indicator Credit Intelligence for USDF To 100% Eliminate USDF’s High Yield Bond Credit Risk will be reviewed in the Major “VIP” Conference USDF will present in Beijing.

• Support the Re-Building and Expansion of all types of America’s Aging Infrastructure including Roads, Bridges, Dams, Canals, Waterways-Locks, Ports, Airports, Subways, Potable Water Treatment Systems, Waste Water Treatment Systems, Electrical Grid Distribution Systems, etc.

• Fund a new generation of Paradigm Shift Technology Wellness and Health Programs to enable USDF to become a leader in the US in assembling “Cutting Edge” Preventative and Alternative Health and Disease Treatment Systems for major diseases to support USDF becoming the leader in America and ultimately the World in driving greatly reduced heath care costs coincident with substantially elevated US & Global Health results.

• Become one of America’s greatest Humanitarian Donors to support major humanitarian and public service needs in America, most particularly greatly elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of US Education which is lagging behind many other countries, as well as supporting impoverished children and older citizens. 

USDF’s far “Ahead-of-the-Curve” Project Funding and Country-Wide Economic Development and Fiscal Re-Stabilization Strategies have been developed over long years of Bank Project Funding experience, Major Corporate Divisional Fundings, Managing two Venture Capital Funds and major Global Project Funding by Robert Green supplemented by the similar experience of USDF’s Top Management Team as well as each of their Global Network’s experience. 

USDF’s Strategies, Procedures, and Documentation is now fully complete and ready for implementation. Key USDF Organization Charts and Operational Flow Charts will be presented by Robert Green in the major “VIP” Conference in Beijing in mid December of 2011! 


In Summary, to ensure that USDF optimizes the Country-Wide Economic Re-Development Value of every dollar raised by USDF, USDF has elevated it’s methods of new project qualification, funding, mentoring, and monitoring to a “State-of-the-Art” level beyond every known US Venture Capital Fund procedures. 

Specifically, for Qualifying New Management Teams, their technologies and their markets for funding, USDF has designed a Psychological Evaluation Program which is totally unique in the US Venture Capital Industry to ensure that every new management team submitting a potentially fundable program fully understands (1) The tremendous time and energy commitment required to build a successful, new company and equally important, (2) That unless their overriding program development objective is to build a “Cutting Edge” Company that can operate Fully Cost Competitively with their domestic as well as their global competition, they will never flourish and optimize their economic potential. 

Further, USDF also evaluates many additional key qualification factors essential for Project Management Success including whether they have any

1. Negative Addictions,

2. Whether they have an open mind to be trained,

3. Whether they participate in any extremely dangerous activities which labels them as an excessive risk taker,

4. What factors drive their ethical compass and personal honor code,

5. What is their historical and expected Standard Of Living which labels them as financially conservative, or a High “Liver” who could never adjust to running a Toughly Cost Controlled Business regardless of how Mind Boggling their technology is, etc. 

Further relative to qualification, while USDF’s Global Marketing Mentoring Team will support every project in setting up it’s Market Access Path to their markets in every global market targeted, USDF will determine whether each prospective management team fully appreciates the difficulty and the time required to set up their Market Access Path to their markets as well as their Global Supply Chain Logistics Programs. The remainder of USDF’s extensive qualification procedures will be reviewed in the “VIP” Conference in Beijing discussed in the final paragraph of this Venture Capital Discussion. 

When USDF concludes from its comprehensive Final Project Review “Clearing House” Meeting Conclusions, which will be illustrated in USDF’s “VIP” Conference Presentation, that a new project management team and their technology fully qualifies for funding, and USDF’s mentoring and support teams deem that they can provide sufficient assistance to that project to enable it to Out Smart, Out Strategize, Out Cost, etc. it’s competition to the point that it can become it’s industry leader over time, USDF then Funds each new project Piecemeal as a function of that project’s (1) Milestone Performance Benchmark Goals VERSUS (2) That Project’s Critical Path Time Line to achieve its Goal Targets VERSUS (3) That Project’s Cash Budget Forecast to achieve its Goals and Time Line targets. 

By USDF’s “Cutting Edge” Project Funding Procedures, USDF will initially advance each project only 3 months of Cash Budget requirements. USDF will then continue to fund based on that project proving their Milestone Achievement Accomplishments with their previously received cash and simultaneously providing Updated Goals, Updated Time Lines and Updated Cash Budgets which forces every project to continuously (1) Tightly manage & control the cash received from USDF, as well as (2) Optimally plan and schedule their business development econometric model. 

Monthly Monitoring of as many as 10,000 active projects under management from USDF’s Headquarters Office (i.e., Fully Centralized Monitoring) would be more than a “Super Man” type undertaking. Rather, USDF has strategized to set up at least 200 Project Sourcing & Monitoring Offices, over time, in every major metropolitan area of the US which will be responsible for:

1. The regional marketing of USDF’s dynamic Re-Build and Re-Energize the US Economy Mission Objectives,

2. Source new project funding candidates from their region, as well as

3. Continually Monitor, on a Decentralized Basis, every project USDF funds that was sourced from that specific office. 

Thus, while funding and review of each project’s monthly Updated Goals, Time Lines, and Cash Budgets for supporting future fundings will be Centralized from USDF’s Headquarters Office for each project, monthly meetings and personally observing each project’s monthly accomplishments will on a Decentralized basis by the Regional Office which sourced that project so that two, totally independent teams are continually monitoring each project on a Part Centralized and Part Decentralized Basis. 

In Summary relative to USDF’s “Cutting Edge” Venture Capital Project Funding Procedures, USDF deems that it’s

1. Global “Guiding Light” Intelligence System which will define the most opportune technologies – business types that USDF should fund,

2. USDF’s deeply investigative Project Qualification System,

3. USDF’s “tough” but fair and workable “Piecemeal” Project Funding Procedures Which Forces Each Project to manage via Tight Cash Control, Optimal Cash Management, and Continual Project Planning Procedures,

4. Coupled with USDF’s Global Venture Capital Industry Leading Comprehensive Project Mentoring, Cost Reduction, & Legal Support Procedures,

5. Which are all “tied together” by USDF’s Error Proof, Continuous Part Centralized and Part Decentralized Project Monitoring System will result in at least 99% Project 

Funding Success for USDF versus less than 60% for standard Venture Capital Operations who are not nearly as firm and precise as USDF relative to forcing “tough” cash management and continual project planning by each project under USDF management. 

USDF will organize an Equity Exit of USDF’s Equity Ownership, to recycle the cash profit received into new projects, for earlier funded Projects which have reached positive cash flow and are fully capable of operating on a Stand Alone basis without any more USDF Funding or Mentoring support. Initial Equity Exit Pricing will be based on USDF’s evaluation of that Project’s current Market Cap Valuation achieved by USDF’s intense Project Mentoring Support, but final pricing will always be established by the market. 

USDF’s Equity Exit Team will examine every exit opportunity available including an IPO, Upstream Merger into a Larger Company, Downstream Merger where USDF’s Project Company acquires a Larger Company, an Employee Buyout of USDF’s Equity position, etc. It should not be surprising that USDF projects that well over 66% of its equity exits will be via deeply enthused Employee Buyouts which USDF will fund. 

Expanding To Canada & Other Global Countries: Several of USDF’s Top Management Team, most particularly USDF’s CEO, Robert Green, have operated in Canada as well as globally, so have global networks, as well as understand the cultures of many countries/regions besides America. 

Thus, as soon as USDF’s long strategized (1) “Angel Funding” Venture Capital Fund is fully staffed, USDF’s (2) Re-Build and Re-Energize the US Economy Mission Objectives, (3) USDF’s Overall Program Marketing, (4) Project Sourcing, (5) Qualifying, (6) Funding, (7) Mentoring, (8) Monitoring and (9) USDF’s Equity Exit Procedures and Strategies are fully operational in the US (Within Two Years Of USDF’s Activation), USDF will be ready to expand Globally by forming a new funding company in each country incorporating USDF’s Economic Development Theme such as “Canadian Development Funding” as well as the symbiotic relationship with a similar operation in China under the oversight of its Chairman. 

While USDF currently plans that Canada will be USDSF’s second target country behind the US, that decision will be guided by USDF’s Funding Partners because USDF’s Fundamental Project Funding Template, with minor modifications, will fit any country’s culture and legal system, so will work anywhere in the entire world. 

USDF’s Comprehensive Project Funding and Nation Re-Building Strategies, 5’ Wide Organization Chart , and USDF’s Key Operational Flow Charts (Intelligence, Technology Prioritization, and Project Funding Approval “Clearing House” Meeting) “VIP” Presentation Conference: 

Robert Green, USDF’s CEO, MBA, CPA, Bank Credit & Mgt Degree, and Worked on his PhD at UCLA in Microeconomics, Managerial Accounting, & Econometric Modeling – Corporate Strategic Planning) has prepared a deeply informative “WHAT IS USDF” “VIP” Level Presentation which is scheduled for presentation in Beijing wherein Green will present USDF’s Paradigm Shift Econometric Model Restructuring Strategies for America to Fast Track Drive the Re-Building and Re-Energizing Of America’s (1) Disastrously De-Industrialized Manufacturing Base, (2) America’s worst since the great depression job base, (3) America’s weakened consumer buying power, and (4) America’s State and US Federal Revenue Bases, (5) etc. to both Chinese Government as well as Chinese Private Sector Executives. 



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