Consulting Engineers And Architects

Today, as when the firm was founded in 1969, civil engineering and architectural services are at the heart of Victoria Engineering Limited. The tradition of providing quality professional services to our valued clients has developed for over 40 years. 

Victoria Engineering’s primary objective is to provide the best possible service at the best possible price. At VE, we recognize that our value as a company depends on the value we give to our clients. Unless the services we provide help to advance our customer’s concerns, we have no real service to provide. 

Victoria Engineering is committed to results. VE has a proven track record of responsiveness to client concerns, attention to detail, and ability to work within schedule and budget constraints. By staying alert to changing customer requirements and industry demands, VE has become what it is today: a multifaceted corporation that consists of separate but related divisions. 

Our architects and civil engineering staff provides design solutions to a wide variety of private and governmental clients and project types in the areas of commercial, industrial, residential, marina, and specialty construction. 

These solutions encompass a wide range of architectural and civil engineering including detailed plans for: 

  • Civil / Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Design / Build          
  • Aviation   
  • Healthcare   
  • New and Renovation Building Design    
  • Bridge and Bridge Approach Design       
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Systems             
  • Power Distribution Systems     
  • Traffic Controls  
  • Foundation Engineering  
  • Piers, Docks, Marinas  
  •  Architectural
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Government
  • Historic Preservation
  • Streets, Thoroughfares and Access Roads
  • Water Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Industrial Waste Systems
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Soil Evaluation & Geotechnical Analysis
  • Marine & Coastal Engineering
  • Shorefront Protection Bulkheads and Revetments 

Specialty Services

  • Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Design   
  • Comprehensive Interior Design
  • Specifications 
  • Planning and Design Charettes
  • Deficiency Reports 


  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies
  • 3d Rendering and Animation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Structural Studies and Reports

Additional Services

  • Environmental Services     
  • Construction Management     
  • State & Federal Permitting    
  • Boundary Surveys   
  • Topographic & Hydrographic Surveys 
  • Rights Of Way & Easement Determinations    


  • Security Consulting
  • Master Planning
  • Surveys
  • Data Accumulation Survey Services
  • Land Court Survey Services
  • Technical Services

Through consultants supporting our structural staff, we provide complete structural solutions for new and renovation projects for our clients. Our services include: 

    1. Evaluation of existing structures

    2. Seismic and force protection design

    3. Progressive collapse 

Engineering and land surveying functions include: the plotting of all locational work; design and production of drawings using Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) software. All documents can be integrated and produced to provide compatibility with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. 

At Victoria Engineering, we know structures. Our knowledge, experience and dedication have enabled us to become a solid and efficient structural engineering firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA.

Victoria Engineering has been recognized for a variety and quality of structural design and consulting services provided to a wide range of clients: architects, engineers, developers, municipalities, state agencies, and institutions. Our clients are our partners, and we pride ourselves on our easy integration with design teams and on the high level of engineering for which we are known.

We have contributed architectural and structural engineering services for more than 40 years for projects across Canada, the USA, and in Europe. Sensitive projects such the Canadian Embassy in Poland have provided a measure of international recognition in foreign jurisdictions, while innovative calculations on structures such as the Georgia Viaduct and the “cable hanging” Westcoast Transmission Building in Vancouver have established our proficiency at complex solutions.

Victoria Engineering is committed to delivering exceptional service, doing things right the first time, and providing innovative and effective solutions to every challenge we encounter. Our staff's superior skills, varied talents, and unmatched professionalism have produced - and will continue to generate - tangible project success stories. 

With the use of our highly trained technical teams and implementation of advanced technologies, we are embarking to expand our services into meeting the structural engineering needs of a growing global market. 

State-of-the-art computer technology is an integral part of our operations. Our office is fully networked to provide fingertip information to all users. 

Staff members have extensive experience in their respective fields, including architectural design, structural engineering, land surveying, road and drainage design, site development, hydrogeological and environmental studies, permitting, preparation of bid documents and specifications, construction management, and project oversight. Victoria Engineering understands the intricacies of federal, state and local regulations, and has developed cooperative working relationships with regulatory agencies. 

The level of staffing at Victoria Engineering enables us to commit a registered professional as project manager in the planning, development, design, and preparation of final plans and specifications for each project, as required. Other technical staff may be assigned to projects when appropriate. 

Staff support includes environmental specialists for resource identification and permitting purposes, and for preparation of final documents. 

Our clients have a commitment from Victoria Engineering to work together with them to achieve their goals. Understanding our clients' needs and the issues that impact their projects has resulted in an extensive record of successfully completed assignments. 

Close team relations, high-quality design, and personal service are the core of our success. The overall result is a firm with a new and greater depth of experience, ability, and resources that enables us to provide our clients with a wider range of services and capabilities. 

Projects succeed as a result of the teaming of clients' needs and ideas with VE’s expertise in providing engineering solutions. We provide effective and sound structural design solutions for all types of projects and materials including steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and timber. Our state-of-the-art programs and methods for modeling three dimensional structures are ideal for wind and seismic design.

We're committed to providing appropriate, cost effective, and innovative designs for our clients. We believe that good communication is essential to the success of a project. We take the time to understand our clients' overall project objectives in order to deliver optimal engineering solutions. Our clients have a right to expect these qualities when they engage us, and we have an obligation to deliver. 

We're committed to active involvement in the development of excellence in professional practice. We believe that, by virtue of their training, engineers should be altruistic in nature, and have an obligation to contribute to the betterment of society. 

We believe in utilizing technology in an appropriate manner without becoming enslaved by its mystique. We've developed a substantial library of our own engineering software in order to optimize structural engineering solutions efficiently. We carefully select our project teams based on each member’s ability to add directly-related experience ensuring our ability to meet the specific challenges and goals of each client. To guarantee a constant level of dedication and commitment, it is our firm’s philosophy that a principal remain with the project from commencement to completion. 

At Victoria Engineering, our award winning commitment to our clients and to quality service from every division of our operation is paramount. We have taken this important step to assure our clients of this commitment and to greet the new millennium with a quality system that is of the highest class. 

For further information, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us at your convenience. 

We stand ready to Help our Humanity through excellence in our Work.

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