The prime focus of Humanus andDragonsHeart, besides children and seniors, is water.

Water is Life, and is the single most overburdened element of our carbon based system, and yet is the most underused element for enlightened usage. The element can be remediated, constructed to fit a wider range of uses, particularly in life-giving and enhancing uses.

Such uses depend on the water to be structured, and electron spins brought to higher energetic levels to accomplish a myriad of effects that work on the biological makeup of humans, and exhibit high rate healing and repair qualities. Such water, which can be termed super-water in a sense, or living water as a descriptive, that releases its energy and super saturated Oxygen into the biological system (humans, plants, etc) without burning of tissue, causes many such specific phenomena to be observed. Repair of vital biological systems are at a high rate, and DNA repairs become convenient as a method of increasing life spans and restructuring the biological system to higher levels of health and immunities. 

Plants have exhibited tremendous growth after being watered. The plants (before and after) can be viewed here.

The remediation of toxic waters, algae blooms, radioactive contamination, and other pollution of our waters can now be safely and easily done.

In this section you will find the various methods of usage of simple and effective technologies based on common sense and an understanding of the problem at hand by very clever and insightful scientists.


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