Zyme Fast Inc is an innovative Biotechnology Company focusing on feed additives for the Agricultural Industry. Zyme Fast’s lab is located in Manitoba, Canada where groundbreaking research is on-going. The lab staffs a full complement of Technicians and Scientists with two internationally renowned scientists. Zyme Fast’s core competence is its formidable scientific resources including the leading researcher in North America on the use of Egg Yolk Antibodies, Dr. R.R. Marquardt, PhD. 


Dr Marquardt is Vice President of Zyme Fast Inc as well as Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba. His research on Egg Yolk Antibodies and Enzymes has been ongoing for 40 years.

Dr. Marquardt is joined by Zyme Fast’s Chief Research Scientist, Dr. Lin Fang DVM, MSc, who has had more than 15 years experience working with animal diseases, and has had extensive experience in advanced Biotechnology. Dr. Fang is an internationally renowned scientist with many breakthroughs and technical innovations recognized in Asia, Europe and North America. 


Zyme Fast has developed proven technologies to effectively produce low-cost antibodies and peptides for animal and human applications. These two major platforms make Zyme a leader in natural product disease control and prevention.

Zyme Fast scientists have developed a superior methodology for identifying proteins for specific pathogens, And are now the world leaders in passive immunity sciences.


The Problem with Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescription drugs for people, but they are being fed to animals as regular feed additives to control disease. This animal management practice actually causes other disease problems in animals from antibiotic resistant bacteria present in their environments. 

As farms get larger with ever-increasing animal concentrations, sudden catastrophic disease issues are becoming more frequent, devastating both farmers and the food chain in the entire agricultural regions. Meanwhile, humans are ingesting prescription drugs every time they eat chicken, pork or beef. 

Europe and Japan have banned antibiotics as feed additives, but none of the alternatives are working well. As a result, Europe has allowed antibiotics to creep back into animal feed rations. The US has introduced similar laws banning antibiotic use in animal rations, but the meat production industry has countered with strong opposition. 

The Safe Alternative 

Antibodies are produced naturally in animals and humans, providing active immunity from pathogens to which they have been exposed. However, when a body comes under attack from a pathogen for the first time, it is not able to create antibodies quickly enough to fend off the disease. Mammals also supply passive immunity for their newborn babies through antibodies in the mother’s first milk, and chickens provide a download of antibodies in the yoke of each egg produced. As early as 1980, scientists in Japan were able to scientifically demonstrate the ability to produce passive immunity for other animal species using egg yolk antibodies, but the technology was not cost-efficient. 

The benefits of using natural antibodies instead of chemical antibiotics have been well-established by the global scientific community. Zyme Fast’s strength is the ability to identify proteins specific to each pathogen, then apply their own unique technologies to produce low-cost and highly effective egg yolk antibodies that can be used to prevent or cure pathogenic diseases of the gut system in meat producing animals, thus eliminating the overuse of chemical antibodies in the meat protein industry. 

 Zyme Fast Chang Sha – launched 2008


Applications For Human Health 

Antibiotics in the human food chain have been linked to antibiotic resistant bacteria or "super bugs" in industrialized countries. Originally present only in hospitals, these superbugs have now begun to spread outside of the hospital system, creating challenges in dealing with control and treatment of this deadly disease. 

The pharmaceutical industry has developed very strong and expensive antibiotics which hospitals reserve exclusively for the treatment of the superbug. Although these antibiotics are successful in curing most patients, repeated re-occurrences in many patients represent a huge cost to the medical system and death to patients who cannot be cured by the aggressive antibiotic treatment. Zyme Fast has developed nontoxic egg yolk antibodies that can be used to prevent or cure the hospital superbug. This superbug was recently identified as the number one superbug problem in the industrialized world, a problem causing thousands of deaths and costing tens of billions every year. 

Their scientists have already identified over 40 special proteins to prevent or cure problems in the digestive track – food borne diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella can be eliminated by food producers and processors; fat absorption through the stomach wall can be controlled to reduce obesity; other stomach diseases such as a Ileitis can be treated and controlled; and even some viral diseases such as Rotavirus, which do not respond to antibiotics, can be cured. As the pipeline of antibodies is commercialized, other existing or new proteins will be identified to create additional antibodies. 


Peptides are small naturally occurring protein structures with many biological applications in both animals and humans. Since 1980 there have been over 5000 scientific papers written about peptides and more than 1500 patents issued for medical and commercial applications of peptides. However, very few peptides have been produced outside of laboratories, and those that have been produced are much too expensive to be commercially viable. Zyme Fast has made a major technological breakthrough which enables the company to produce peptides commercially at a cost which is feasible for livestock producers. 

Applications for Animal Production 

Tests in young pigs have shown that Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) fed in small amounts will improve feed efficiency by approximately 20% and reduce the time to market by as much as 21 days. The biggest advantage of using these reconstructive natural feed additives is that the farmers will be able to eliminate antibiotics from the beef, pork and chicken they produce, while being more efficient in production. 

Human Peptides 

EGF will also have a similar application in human medicine, helping human stomachs restore their own healthy function after they have been compromised by problems such as the overuse of antibiotics; a combination of Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) and EGF will help the body repair and restore tissue and skin that has been damaged by burns or other injuries; will enable the body to repair weak or damaged epidermal elastin and collagen; and further research may uncover other significant medical applications for human peptides. 

Emerging Peptides Applications 

Zyme Fast has a product development agreement with a private laboratory that has identified a peptide and other products to prevent or cure Type II Diabetes. Several patents are already in place with this product suite in Canada and China, which includes dietary, pharmaceutical, and new discovery peptides. They are also in contact with a company that is developing the technology to inhale peptides into the lungs. With this technological breakthrough, Zyme Fast would then be able to deliver its peptides to prevent or cure the newest and deadliest flu’s such as H1N1, which attack the respiratory system. 

Products used in cosmetics.



Approximately 2 million children die annually from intestinal disease in Africa. HCA is Zyme Fast’s charitable affiliate created to take our disease prevention technology into Africa, Latin America and India on a non-profit basis. Egg powder, provided by Zyme Fast, will supply both a protein supplement and antibodies to prevent local pathogens from causing sickness and death and can be delivered at a significantly lower cost than existing feeding and disease control programs. 

The goal of Healthy Child Africa is to ultimately allow the technology of egg yolk antibodies to become an engine for economic development within these needy countries. This technology lends itself to local micro-enterprise production of eggs containing antibodies against local pathogens. Zyme Fast’s protein science technology is easily transportable to any agricultural production region in the world and Zyme Fast is working on ways to allow farmers in struggling Third World countries to become local producers of highly sophisticated nutritional products for their regional population. 


Zyme Fast has developed two major technological platforms with hundreds of product applications for both animal and human use. Our scientists are world authorities on egg yolk antibodies; having already identified more than 40 antibodies which are ready for commercialization. In addition, Zyme Fast has developed breakthrough technology to produce peptides at a cost that makes them economically viable health alternatives. Zyme Fast is ideally positioned with a large and growing product pipeline that makes them a leader in natural products for disease control and prevention.  


The Chicken & Egg Story

  • Nature provides mothers in the mammal species with a built-in system to provide immunity for their unborn and their young
  • A human baby in the womb is protected from attacks by outside pathogens through the mother’s immune system
  • Colostrum in the mother’s milk provides immunity for the newborn child until its own is developed
  • A mother hen provides the same immune protection for the baby chick via antibodies in the egg yolk
  • The hen does not know the unfertilized eggs will not produce off-spring, so her immune system produces hundreds of different antibodies in every egg yolk

The Zyme Fast Process

  • Identify a unique protein associated with a specific pathogen
  • Produce a vaccine from the new protein which is used to vaccinate specially selected hens
  • After 30 days, the next 200 eggs produced have high levels (near 12%) of designated antibodies
  • Eggs are dried to become egg powder, a natural food product
  • For E. coli in pigs, 1 kg of egg powder is added to each tonne of feed

Secret: Zyme Fast vaccines can be produced quickly and Zyme has developed systems to maximize the production of high-antibody eggs from each barn contracted. 

Antibody solutions being produced for:

  • E. coli – K88, K99, K987 F18 and 0157h7
  • C Perfringens and C Difficile, Roto virus, Corona virus, PED, Salmonella e & t, lawsonia, and Fast Flavour
  • On farm test kits

New product initiatives

  • Hospital Super Bug solution in trials with Foothills Hospital and Hamilton General Hospital
  • Prevention / cure of type 2 Diabetes
  • Joint venture in China – production of EYA and peptides
  • Protein, Enzyme, and Oligo production – for research companies and cosmetics
  • 10 products in evaluation stage including Salmonella, SAMEC, BENAC, E. coli in lettuce and spinach tooth decay prevention.
  • 5 others identified for future products

7 Keys for Type 2 Diabetes

  • 1- problem is long term and very big
  • 2- community impacts
  • 3- natural products are the key
  • 4- R&D facilities are already in place
  • 5- technical development from Zyme
  • 6- early product access available
  • 7- integrated to local/global context

Key corporate bullet points

  • Safety Through Diversification
  • Expertise in – recombinant DNA, expression vectors,
  • immunology, nutrition sciences
  • Technical Platforms – egg yolk antibodies, enzymes, yeast
  • Market Segments – human and all types of livestock
  • (PABE – porcine, avian, bovine, equine)‏
  • Pathogen Types – E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium,
  • rotavirus, perfringens, campylobacter, ileitis, bacillus
  • Geographic – Americas, Asian Pacific Rim, Europe, Africa
  • Customer Options – therapeutic or preventative,
  • diagnostics, product forms, R&D services, C.R.O.


Zyme Fast is strategically positioned to advance into four major continental markets, and can use established commercial distribution partners to make this happen. With four strategic acquisitions, Zyme Fast would shorten its time-to-market, speed up production registrations and approvals, and dramatically increase the number of people becoming aware of their new technology in a short period of time.   



Zyme Fast provides Total Effectiveness by using an antibody approach which removes dependence on antibiotics. This helps prevent:

  1. Overuse of antibiotics 
  2. Development of antibiotic resistant strains of pathogens 
  3. Pollution of the food chain with antibiotics which can result in superbugs developing in the human population 
  4. Antibiotic impact on intestinal tissue in farm animals which retards growth and feed utilization. 

-Total Effectiveness means bringing new levels of disease detection and categorization to the farm for days faster diagnostic capability. 

-Total Effectiveness means supplying Fast Paced on the farm paste supplements for immediate promotion of health and animal vitality. 

-Total Effectiveness delivers long term feed supplements that enhance overall health, appetite and digestive tract integrity. 

-Total Effectiveness means lower health and growth promotion costs.


Last year egg powder was added to the animal feed list in China for the first time as an acceptable animal feed or feed additive. Zyme Fast (Chang Sha) was one of the companies helping egg powder to be seen as more than just human food and is the first company in China to have a registered egg powder for animal feed.  As far as we know we are the only company with a registered feed egg powder product in China.  Also back home Dr. Fang has just done the DNA cloning work on 3 new peptides.


Founded in 2001 by:               

Founding Scientist – Dr. Ronald R. Marquardt PhD.
Chief Scientist – Dr. Lin Fang D.V.M., M.Sc.
President – Terrence Sellen B.A., L.L.B.

The Zyme Fast System Inc. Manitoba, Canada
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